This last volume in Pierre Teilhard‘s collected works contains two previously unavailable essays of key importance: “The Heart of Matter,” a spiritual autobiography written in 1950, toward the end of his life, and “The Christic,” written a month before he died, a profession of faith that develops further the views set forth in The Divine Milieu.

Together they sum up his unique vision, at which he arrived by the separate yet converging roads of science and religion. These two essays, composing over a third of the book, are followed by nineteen shorter pieces.

Teilhard’s towering conception of man’s ascension toward unity with Christ continues to influence and illuminate contemporary theological thought. This volume confirms his stature as one of the most fascinating spiritual figures of our century.

“Highly recommended as an essential tool Jar understanding Teilhard’s thought, especially in its last stage.”

– Library Journal

“Teilhard’s writing should be particularly appealing to today’s reader because it is marred neither by devotional excesses nor by pietistic narcissism … Like other great visional) poets- Blake, Hopkins, Yeats-Teilhard engages the reader both intellectually and sensually … [These essays] are within the ken ofj most lay readers and should prove both engrossing and inspirational. ”

– Washington Post Book World

There are also 3 wedding addresses that Pierre Teilhard gave.

There are 2 great poetic essays about World War I, one of them strangely entitled “Nostalgia for the Front” is a must read.

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