by Sandra Ingerman: I have been sharing that Isis is really encouraging us all to stay present right now. She keeps telling me


that we will miss important clues and information that are critical to our survival if we focus too much on what might happen next.

Years ago I shared a statement that I think is worth repeating. If you can’t digest life you can’t digest your food. If you look at the shelves in every pharmacy the most well stocked shelves are stomach remedies.

When we stay present we can absorb smaller bits of life to digest. And that eases up on some of the pressure you might be experiencing. Life gets simpler and “more digestible” as we learn to stay present.

We welcome in the spring and fall equinox on March 20. It is amazing how one day just melts into another. Time keeps moving so quickly- another reason to stay present and try to absorb the beauty of life.

I recorded a ceremony for us to welcome in the equinox. The link is below. For those of you who don’t understand English I will write up the ceremony for you to do. I recorded a ceremony to The Cauldron of Light.

As I was looking for instructions that were already written I skimmed through my books The Shaman’s Toolkit and Walking in Light. Both of these books are filled with such timeless wisdom. The Shaman’s Toolkit was written for a non shamanic audience. But yet it contains all the Medicine for the Earth practices I teach just without talking about shamanism. Walking in Light is a true summary of my work. I hope you will support my books!

The spirits showed me the Cauldron of Light ceremony many years ago. It is a neutral way to perform a fire ceremony. You can release to the light an old hurt, a disappointment, a trauma, a betrayal, You can write a letter to the universe and give it to the Cauldron of Light. You can state your desires. The intention I like to work with is letting go of an old plan and asking for help with bringing in the goodness of life.

Allow your intuition to reveal to you the states of consciousness that you would like to be healed. Call one of your helping  spirits to assist you in this work. And hold the intention to travel to a great Cauldron of Light.

What is your intention? Do you feel you have been betrayed by life? Who has disappointed you? Are there people you need to forgive? Do you need do you need to forgive yourself? Explore events and life situations where you might have been disappointed and now need to find forgiveness in your heart. What energies would you like to clean up and transmute?

Did you harm anyone with your behavior or words? Do you need to forgive yourself? Self forgiveness is extremely important in the times that we live in.

Allow your inner spirit and your helping spirits to reveal to you the inner states of consciousness that need to be examined, acknowledged, and released. This is a important time for cleansing. Look at connections to people who you need to release. Break your connection with collective energies that no longer serve you so that you are now free to ride a different wave.

Just hold your intention to travel to a great cauldron of divine light and your intention will bring you there. Acknowledge the connections you need to release, ties that need to be broken, the betrayals, disappointments, who you need to forgive, and collective energies that you need to let go of. Release them into the divine light that transmutes their power and energy into love.

You are now freed of energies that bind you to a denser energy of life. You are now free to ride a different wave. Return from this journey experiencing yourself lighter, unburdened, and free.

Dismember, uncreate, dissolve, destroy that which does not work for you anymore. This is a potent time to do cleansing work. During changing cycles it is so important to purify and cleanse.

Reweave a new plan into your inner landscape.

Please join me in holding our circle in love and light while we welcome in spring in the Northern Hemisphere and fall in the Southern Hemisphere.

We must not forget our full moon ceremony of Creating a Human Web of Light.

The full moon is March 28. Let’s step out of old bubbles that keep our psychic power contained and allow our light to flow freely touching all of life and the Earth. This time on the planet calls for us to nourish the collective with unconditional love and divine light.

Happy equinox!

Source: AWAKEN