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Mass Mobilization To Reverse Climate Change – Marianne Williamson

by Marianne Williamson: And the last pillar in a season of moral repair has to do with mass mobilization to reverse climate change…


We all know that we need to do this. We all know that within the next seven to nine years we need to sequester the carbon, we need to reforest, we need to develop green energy—a green new deal at a much faster rate. And we also need to deal with these animal factory farms; because if we don’t do that, then the nitrous oxide and the methane will be so poisonous that everything else we do will fail to deal with a problem that needs to be addressed.

If we do not have this mass mobilization—if we do not address in a meaningful, profound and even radical way the changes that need to occur and create a just transition from a dirty economy to a clean economy, we could be facing a level of massive social collapse within 15 to 20 years unlike anything we’ve ever seen.

We could have large swaths of countries, even large swaths of continents, that are literally uninhabitable because of the heat. And if it’s uninhabitable because of the heat, that means you can’t grow food there. If you can’t grow food there, we’re talking about massive food shortages, economic collapse, and even possibly hundreds of millions of climate refugees.

We have to do so much to change this country. But that’s okay, because we have everything that it takes. Everywhere I’ve gone — I’ve traveled all over this country — we have the people who know what to do. We have the skills. We have the experts. We have the projects. The problem is simply that that’s not what we fund—that’s not what we resource. And that is what needs to change.

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