1. “Love and a sense of calmness are the only things you need to bring to the experience of death.”
2. “The earth will support anything that supports life. What I have found after a soul retrieval is that one cannot “numb out” anymore. Each and every one of us must make personal and planetary decisions to stop abusing life. Whether a person a has to give up an abusive relationship, take a more active political role, or increase awareness of how we continue to abuse our environment, we all now have to be responsible. Being responsible means responding to what is needed. We find a need to wake up and change our reality to a stance of power…”
3. “Shamanic journeying is the inner art of traveling to the ‘invisible worlds’ beyond ordinary reality to retrieve information for change in any area of your life – from spirituality and health to work and relationships.”
4. “Anytime someone says I have never been the same since a certain event and they don’t mean this in a good way soul loss has probably occurred.”
5. “For all miracles to happen we must hold a strong intention of what we want to see happen. Intention creates action.  This involves concentration.  We know that a key to the success of spiritual practice is the ability to concentrate.  We must also be able to maintain a focus on our short term and long term goals.”
6.  “Love is an essential ingredient in all miracles as it is only love that heals.  Techniques don’t heal.  Where there is an open heart there is the energy to bring through miraculous and magical energy.  Love is the great transformer”
7. “We are not separate rather we are connected to one source and to a web of life. Imagine a hand where one of the fingers drops to the floor and thinks it can have an independent life without being connected to the body. That is what is happening today. Humankind is acting like separate fingers that have forgotten the connection to the original source of life.”
8. “It is healthy to have a range of thoughts and emotions. The work we must do is to learn how to transmute or transform the energy behind our thoughts and emotions into love and light. In this way we can feel the depth of our feelings but not create any harm by doing so.”
9. “All life is made of light.  We are all light.  Everything is light.  In remembering this we can transmute everything in our outer environment and what we take in to pure healing light.”
10. “All spiritual traditions teach that everything manifests on a spiritual level before manifesting on the physical. Where we have power right now to create change on the planet is by incorporating spiritual practices into our lives.”
11. “The energy of violence acts on an invisible, psychic level, but it impacts both our physical and emotional health. The energy is palpable. We simply do not feel well on any level when we live and work in an environment that is filled with anger or fear.”
12. “It is important to understand that having emotions and expressing emotions is part of the human condition. We know from research conducted that when we don’t express our emotions illness can occur. As human beings it is our right to have and express the range of feelings from joy and love to fear and anger. Expressing our emotions makes us feel alive.”
13. “Throughout time spiritual teachings have taught that our outer world is a reflection of our own inner state of consciousness.  When we look at the environmental pollution and the state of the world today we are seeing a reflection of our own inner world. If we want to change the world we need to focus on changing ourselves. And this includes the need to be more conscious of the thoughts we send out.”
14. “Sometimes signs come in a song being sung on the radio while you are pondering a question.  You might be focusing on an issue in life and a bus drives by with an advertisement posted on the side with words that hold a solution or some kind of inspiration. You might be flipping through a book and you come upon a perfect sentence or paragraph that provides you with the inspiration you need.”
15. “We don’t always realize that the help and guidance we need is being shown to us. We are not awake to the signs we are being given. Our minds are often too busy and distracted to notice what the universe is revealing to us for our highest good.”
16. “As you walk allow the beauty of nature to quiet your mind. Just be observant. Take some deep breaths. Notice if you are aware of cloud formations in the sky that might provide insight for you. You might see an animal, bird, insect, etc. that has certain qualities that act as a sign. Use your imagination and just stay aware.”
17. “Shamanism teaches us that everything that exists is alive and has a spirit. Shamans speak of a web of life that connects all of life and the spirit that lives in all things. Everything on earth is interconnected and any belief that we are separate from other life forms including the earth, stars, wind, etc is purely an illusion. And it is the shaman’s role in the community to keep harmony and balance between humankind and the forces of nature.”
18. “When one looks at shamanic traditions around the world there are three common levels that are spoken about and also depicted through different paintings and other forms of artwork. The hidden worlds that the shaman travels to are known as the Under World or Lower World, the Middle World, and the Upper World. There are numerous levels in both the Lower World and also in the Upper World and they are outside of time.”
19. “The two most common types of spirits who work in partnership with the shaman are power animals also called guardian spirits as well as there are teachers in human form.”
20. “Shamanic cultures believe that when we are born the spirit of at least one power animal volunteers to remain with us to keep us healthy emotionally and physically and also protect us from harm. These animals are akin to the Christian belief in guardian angels.”
21. “Shamans look at the spiritual aspect of illness. An illness might manifest on an emotional or physical level but the shaman is looking for spiritual imbalance or disharmony.”
22. “Often when a person is missing a guardian spirit or his vital essence there is an opening in the body. Since the universe cannot stand a void, something might come up in to fill up that space. Shamans might perceive a spiritual intrusion that has entered into a client who is missing power and vital essence.”
23. “A spirit stuck in the Middle World might just wander this world or it might enter into a person who is missing his vital essence or power. And this would cause a possession. This is one cause of schizophrenia and multiple personality from a shamanic point of view.”