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Yoga as a Main Physical Activity in Your Life: Is It Enough?

by Lavera Stewart: Meta:Yoga as an exercise has been used by both the young and old. Yoga benefits range from health to spiritual. Yoga calms your emotions and strengthens your body. Don’t let yogis and the poses intimidate you…


Although yoga is an ancient practice, in recent years, it has gained worldwide popularity. Various forms of yoga combine different poses with helping you relax and promote good posture. Chakras are important in yoga because they are the central points of feelings, energy, and thoughts. Today, yoga is evolving, and it mainly focuses on flexibility, exercise, and strength. It not only helps with mental wellness, but also on overall physical strength.

Is Yoga Enough as the Main Physical Activity for You?

Attending a yoga class if you don’t know where to start. (source:

People exercise to stay healthy and to ward off diseases. Yogis claim that yoga has many benefits compared to other exercises. Below are ways yoga contributes to your fitness:


Did you know that yoga can be a strength-training exercise? This means it helps in bone density and boosting muscular strength. If you haven’t engaged in any strength-training workouts, yoga benefits include boosting your strength as you do the poses.

Yoga, as an exercise, focuses on improving your shoulders and hips stability. For yoga to count as strength training, you have to do various poses. Yoga poses to recruit the whole body instead of focusing on specific muscles like other strength training. For instance, if you practice Chaturanga Dandasana, you often feel mostly in the upper body, thighs, feet, and core. You also feel it in your arms as the muscles struggle to maintain balance. This is what makes yoga an effective strength-training workout. With yoga, you don’t have to lift weights or risk injuries.

Coordination and Balance

Coordination is an important aspect of our health, especially as we get older. Whether you’re an athlete, gym enthusiast, or simply want to get fit, coordination and balance are necessary for your exercises.

Yoga is an excellent way to improve your coordination. You don’t have to attend a yoga class. According to professionals, at Gym Expert, you just need a mat and space. You can learn yoga from online sources and magazines. To reap yoga benefits for balance, you need to focus on poses that focus on coordination.


Functional movement is a part of having a healthy life. It means that you can move your joints without difficulty or pain. Yoga as an exercise concentrates on movements rather than your muscles.

Yoga not only helps with strength but also with flexibility. With time, your muscles might lose their functionality, and you might have limited movement. Most people shy away from yoga because they think they are not flexible enough. Yoga does not mean that you have to pull your legs over your head. On the contrary, you practice yoga to be flexible, to boost your strength, and to connect the body to the brain through meditation.

Cardiovascular Fitness

Yoga is beneficial for your overall health. It not only helps to lower blood pressure, but also improves circulation, heart rate, and respiration, and boosts lung capacity. Yoga helps to calm the mind, which helps to lower blood pressure.

Yoga as an exercise is excellent for your heart’s health as it does not only help with blood pressure, but also with blood glucose and cholesterol. Yoga poses to engage your muscles, which increases their sensitivity to insulin and controls blood glucose.

Taking deep breaths lower blood pressures, while meditation calms the nervous system. Most yoga sessions include meditation and reflection. It is done while lying face up with closed eyes. This makes it easy to release stuck energy and to meditate easily. Because yoga is not strenuous, it is effective for people with cardiovascular problems.

Yoga Benefits with Managing Stress

If you think yoga is not for you because you find it hard to stretch or reach your toes, you might want to try it to manage stress. Yoga benefits both our physical and mental health. The practice focuses on breathing, body+mind+spirit connections, and also helps with emotional wellbeing.

People who lift weights and engage in other forms of exercise, experience less stress. Their brain releases endorphins, which improve their mood. Yoga, on the other hand, is different because it is a combination of physical fitness and the doctrine of self-awareness and compassion.

An excellent idea associated with yoga is to refrain from judging others and yourself. It helps to eliminate stress because most of it comes from comparison and expecting too much from ourselves.


Yoga has been around for many years; however, it is now popular because people understand its benefits. Yoga is effective for both our physical and mental wellbeing. Yoga can be used as a main exercise; however, if you want to build muscles, include other exercises.

Source: Healthy.Net


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