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The Children of Now – Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph.D.

by Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph.D.: Genetically, all human beings have a DNA system in which each strand looks like a twisted ladder. Lovingly called Dr. Meg by her audiences, Losey is known for ehr “in your face” forthright approach to her every subject.(See Figure 1) The DNA strand is comprised of segments of proteins that communicate one to another.

The way that these protein filaments have communicated for millennia has been by linear communicative interrelationships among the segments that work much like a chain reaction. One protein segment communicates with another and then another along the chain. When an event happens in our body, our RNA, which is a bio-communicationmessenger, carries messages to and from our DNA. (See Figure 2) The RNA recognizes events within our bodies that our DNA needs to know about and carries messages about those events through our body to our DNA which responds accordingly.

Besides communicating amongst the protein segments, our DNA has a field of electromagnetic energy between and around the strands that functions kind of like a liquid crystal radio set. This field operates based upon certain sets of frequencies, much like tuning into a radio station.

The electromagnetic energy field in and around the DNA transmits and receives data and communicates to our bodies and our subtle energy fields those changes which are necessary. When we have experiences, feelings, physical sensations, emotions, in fact, any experience at all, the entirety of our make up responds and changes as our electromagnetic system and our RNA tells our DNA about the experience. In other words, as those messages travel through our subtle energy systems which communicate infinitely, and our DNA is talking to all of creation.

As we communicate universally, new and often different realities are created. Our bodies change and our experiences, our life experiences, change in response to the new realities. If our systems require an adaptation to acclimate to new circumstances, the DNA not only instigates those changes, but monitors them. Like our brains, of which we only use about five to seven percent, we use very little of the information that is available within our DNA because we have forgotten how to access it – at least that is how it used to be! Recently some of us have begun to remember!

In the past few years our RNA has begun to distinguish and transmit electrical and electromagnetic data within and around the body that it had previously not recognized. In other words, the radio stations have changed frequencies to broader reception bands. This changes the interaction and response amongst our DNA segments, our body and our relationship within all of creation.

It used to be that our DNA communicated in a linear format, basically in a straight line from one segment within the DNA to the next, kind of like information climbing the ladder of the DNA strand. The new evolutional patterns allow DNA to communicate differently. Some of our children, the Children of Now, are living examples of this genetic revolution.

Instead of linear communication, the electrical charges that are part of the communication mechanism throughout the DNA ladder have begun to arc from one protein segment to another. As this occurs the charges often jump from a segment on one DNA strand to one or more segments on the opposite strand!

As DNA changes occur, we evolve. The new patterns of electrelectrical relationships within our DNA create a weaving of energy, an energetic web of electromagnetic energy, between the strands that is, for lack of better words, rewiring us. These new genetic relationships create an energetic matrix, a new field of energy between the rungs of the ladders of DNA structure. Those fields begin to harmonize and unify and we change. Our children change.

This rewiring is a major leap in our evolution as consciously aware beings. Humanity has begun to awaken to other realities and even higher states of conscious awareness. We have begun to remember that there is much more to being who we are than what knew previously.
Countless members of the human race have begun to spontaneously remember past lives, become multi-dimensionally aware and some find that there are no limits to what can be done with pure consciousness.

As more and more of us “wake up” more and more of us will awaken and remember.
The 100th monkey theory basically states that when more and more people learn to behave differently there arrives a time when critical mass is reached and the entire populace spontaneously takes on those behaviors as the norm.

As we change, our DNA and RNA continue to adjust in response. As this process occurs, the DNA within more and more people begins to change and evolve even more rapidly. The process is constant. As the DNA transforms within one, then two, then more and more people there comes a time when there is a consensus of nature. Many people call this critical mass. Critical mass is the moment in time that an evolutionary trend becomes the norm. We have critical mass in consciousness as well. As we evolve physically the functionality of the consciousness within us grows too.

Evolutionally, this is huge. Not only are our children exhibiting aspects of higher consciousness, we have begun to see levels of conscious awareness in many adults that just a few years ago were unheard of. Because of this, children who are coming into our world as the progeny of our new evolution are arriving with new more advanced DNA communication patterns.

The new DNA patterning system is a lot like the internet except that it is unlimited in its reach and capabilities. It is infinite. Because of this we are becoming inherently unlimited in our scope of possibilities. Our consciousness has begun to work easily and more fully in conjunction with our DNA systems. As fuller universal communication takes place, our consciousness becomes more and more aware.

Instead of simply their minds being aware of what their experiences, our children listen with their entire bodies. And more, their energy fields are attuned for much broader transmission and reception. The Children of Now are communicating within our world with every particle of their being, and the world is talking back, but are we truly hearing our children?

Conscious Awareness, DNA and Energy
Our consciousness is not our mind. Our mind is purely a logical aspect, a tool that we developed which assists in our survival as human beings. It is part of our defense system as it rationalizes, quantifies and informs us how we are doing during the course of our experiences.

Consciousness is not our ego either; it is the essence of our true selves. It is not stuck within our bodies and can travel easily to other times, places and realities in both real time and in our dreams.

Our consciousness is superluminal, faster than the speed of light, and is able to bring to us whatever information and experience that we need or want from anywhere in creation.

Consciousness is what enters the initial cells as we are conceived. It carries memories of our previous lifetimes and is why we have déjà vu. We have been there! It is why we know someone even when meeting them for the first time. We have known them before.

Consciousness is what reaches out beyond the reality of this here and now and brings intuitive information to us about the past present and future. It is that part of us that is ever diligent and aware of everything in relation to us and all of creation. Our consciousness is capable of moving mountains, of changing the form of matter, traveling in time and place and even to other realms of reality. It is able to instigate healing on profound levels, reach into the consciousness of others, feeling and knowing what they experience. It is our greatest power and our deepest sensitivity.

Because we learned to think, to be logical and communicate, our memory of pure conscious became tainted during our evolutionary process. We closed the door to awareness of greater realities as a matter of natural course.

Now, those doors are reopening as awareness returns to us. The Children of Now arrive in our world with those doors partially or wide open and their consciousness easily does what we have forgotten ours could do. The consciousness of the children remembers who they are and from where they have come and in turn, that remembering mirrors our true selves to us. Since both are comprised of electromagnetic energy, consciousness works in tandem with DNA. When our consciousness and our DNA work together, we become able to operate as intentional conscious observers and participants within all of creation.

Our consciousness experiences every level of reality and then communicates those experiences directly to the DNA electromagnetically. Remember, in our physical bodies, DNA receives data from the RNA, processes it and then communicates those experiences back through the body again via the RNA. At the same time, the DNA relays those changes to the consciousness and back into all of creation. It is an endless cycle and is vital not only to our very existence but how we experience it as well.

Every thought, word and feeling that we have is a form of energy and has a harmonic signature to it. Each is a combination of frequencies that in its completeness carries specific messages to us and from us.

For instance, when we have an experience that is unpleasant, we may have a visceral reaction within our bodies… a leap in our chest or a knot in the pit of our stomach. Conversely, when we have an experience that is pleasing, our chest feels pleasantly swollen with the emotions of the moment. Our bodies are reacting to our experiences!

As the frequencies of the energy of each experience are communicated through our bodies those frequencies don’t just affect us physically, they become part of our consciousness. Each experience is recorded not only biologically it is also recorded within our energy fields. Our expressions of energy become part of us and all of creation. Consciousness also communicates directly with DNA so we are having at once an etheric and physical existence.

DNA dictates how the body will respond and sends electromagnetic messages to that effect into all of creation. The result is that we are no longer as we were the moment before. Our complete make up has changed and our energetic, harmonic makeup has adapted to the circumstances. Some of the changes are profound while others are much more subtle.

The Children of Now have an even more direct and streamlined universal communication system. Their systems skip many of the steps that previous generations needed. The energy fields of the children are living transmitters and receivers. Because of this, some of the children exhibit what seems to be rare giftedness, like the psychic children in China who perform amazing feats, or the Indigos who communicate along energetic grid pathways. The systems of the Children of Now are more refined. The new energy systems that the Children of now carry with and within them are an array of living energy. This is kind of like having a radio on all of the time that is tuned into all of the stations at once. To the Children of Now, all channels are accessible at the same time without adjustment to the instrument. Uni-reception!

Some of the children can filter out excess unwanted data, some don’t need to and some have learned to process all of the information simultaneously because their brains work differently.

Many of The Children of Now exhibit amazing awareness, knowledge, intuition, in fact an unlimited array of gifts. They automatically use their consciousness in ways that bring to them and us answers about life and being beyond time.

On the other hand, because of their DNA structure and patterning, the Children of Now are hyper sensitive to both their own feelings and those of the people around them. Their profundity is beyond comprehension and they are world, socially and compassionately conscious. As consciousness embodied, combined with the evolution of their DNA the Children of Now are a completely new way of being and they continue to evolve long after they are born. The energy fields of the Children of Now adapt constantly, changing colors and patterning of movement, becoming lighter and lighter in the overall color spectrum. Those children who are supported in their giftedness thrive and create fantastic art, music, science and insight of unlimited depth. They see the truth of our being as humans never have before, and have the ability to express those perceptions with great love and sensitivity. Unfortunately many of the Children of Now are not being heard. Their profundities are being brushed aside as fantasy or vast imagination. The truth is that their perceptions and experiences are very real!

The Children of Now, Crystalline Children, Indigo Children, Star Kids, Angels on Earth, and the Phenomenon of Transitional Children
 is published by New Page Books, a division of Career Press. To purchase this book, visit Meg Blackburn Losey’s website Alternatively, you can purchase it at your local bookstore.

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