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How to Use the Power of Words as Blessings

by Sandra Ingerman: The teaching that our words can either bless or curse is thousands of years old.

sandra Ingerman-awakenThis teaching is part of all spiritual traditions. Through our thoughts and words we can bless ourselves and others.  In our culture we tend to use a lot of words and we are entrained with different idiomatic phrases that we grew up with or heard through songs, the news, TV shows, etc. We don’t always reflect on the impact that these words and phrases have.

When you begin to embrace the teaching that words can be used as a blessing or a curse it is important to stop and take time to reflect on sayings, phrases and words that you use throughout the day.

As I continue to work with this teaching, I find my listening skills becoming more acute and feeling a need to slow down and carefully consider the words I am using.

I was watching a special on TV one night where an actor was being acknowledged. I loved a phrase that he used and found his words going deep within myself. As he was growing up and watching other actors he began to see that “the great ones were lit from within.” And this actor’s words really hit a chord in me about the power of people who are “lit from within.”

I encourage you during this month to listen to phrases and words that seem to strike a chord in you. Try and bring more awareness and listen to the words that come out of your mouth. Notice if the words and phrases you use come from a true place of blessing within. Or do you speak phrases and words that come from habit and don’t truly reflect what you would you like to communicate and create for yourself and others.

I know so many people who are afraid to tell friends or loved ones about a new idea they have or a new project they are thinking about undertaking. For often when we share something that is considered “edgy” by others their immediate response is, “You are crazy” or “That will never work.” When we respond in this way we usually really don’t consider the excitement of the other person in following their passion. And we end up taking power from their dream instead of feeding the energy with adding our support and enthusiasm. Often people feel “shot down” by other’s responses and this can end up cursing those we love and want to support.

As we maneuver through these changing times people need to be inspired. You want to be able bless yourself with self-talk that embrace an energy of encouragement and inspiration. And you want to inspire others and be in support as your loved ones tap into their own creative potential.

Part of finding new solutions and ways of operating in the world has to do with truly looking at how we communicate. And the truth of the matter is that people in the modern world use too many words and also speak faster than they think. The result of this is creating energies that we didn’t intentionally want to manifest for ourselves, friends, loved ones and in the world.

This month, slow down and listen to your words and the words of others. Reflect on words and phrases you want to begin to delete from your thinking and your vocabulary. Reflect on phrases that will lead to your desired outcome.

We use the term “train of thought” on a regular basis. Take a minute to reflect on what this term even means. We must watch the track our thoughts and words are running on and learn to change the track by creating new tracks. With all building projects it takes a lot of energy to break new ground. But the rewards are great in learning how to focus your thoughts toward your desired outcomes. And this goes back to the words you use in your own thinking process as well as the words you state out loud.

I think one reason I like Celtic prayers and decrees, as I wrote about in How to Thrive in Changing Times, is that the statements made empower us and fill us with hope and the feeling that we are unlimited in what we can create.

Some examples of this might look like:

  • May the power of the sun remind you of the creative light within.
  • May the beauty of the night sky fill you with wonder.
  • May the deep still waters fill you with peace.
  • May the breezes of the wind bring you messages of joy.
  • Blessings to you as you begin new projects.
  • Blessings to all of us in our global circle as we work together in support and love in behalf of the planet and all of life.

As we look at creating a new world that embraces a higher consciousness, we are looking at a new building project. We do have to put energy into breaking new ground. And this begins with creating visions that are supported by a strong foundation of thoughts and words that are solid.

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