by Marc Angelo Coppola: Originally the Taoist sexual exercises were known as “Kung Fu.”


The first word, kung, means skillful work, hard training, or endeavor. The second, fu, means time spent. This would imply it is an art that needs to be practiced in order to achieve any considerable satisfaction. Sexual kung fu is just that, an expression of our own power and control. The ability to take command of our own body, mind, and soul.

In the art of sexual kung fu, both male and female learn to amplify their own personal energy to extraordinary levels, resulting in healing, clairvoyance, and astral projection. The process begins by identifying the major energy centers in both sexes, which we must interact with in order to accumulate as much energy as possible.

Sexual energy can be built up significantly in people who practice sexual kung fu, and once it is collected, it can be transmuted into various forms of energy.

Ovarian Kung Fu

In the universal Tao system’s ovarian kung fu training is the practice to increase and transform ovarian (sexual) energy.  Taoism explains that while a male’s loss of energy occurs during ejaculation, a female’s major loss happens through menstruation.

A female can have as many as 300 to 500 menstrual periods in her lifetime. Every month the ovaries produce an egg that contains highly creative energy, as well as the necessary hormones for the fertilization of the egg. This process can be very taxing on women, as they feel the energy pouring outward.

Seminal Kung Fu

Each sperm cell contains 23 chromosomes, prostaglandins, ions, enzymes, and trace elements – essential parts of human life. Only the elements of the egg and the nurturing environment of the mother are needed to form a living human being of infinite potential.

By gathering this life-generating force within oneself, one collects tremendous energy. In a very real sense every man can create a stockpile of sexual energy. If this immense reservoir of psychic energy were to be redirected towards love and spiritual harmony, the possibilities would be endless.

The Three Bodies

Through practical application of sexual kung fu, an increased awareness of your body will begin to form. You will be able to work with your subtle bodies, and increase the production of energy, to offset any losses. With some practice, you will begin to notice the body is comprised of 3 parts:

The physical body: Deals with the tension and stress of daily life. Its energy relationship is with the environment, animals, and people it comes into contact with. It produces Ching.

The soul body: The emotional body is created by the physical body sending its essence to the organs. The way the energy moves in this body will determine your emotions. It produces Chi.

The spirit body: The immortal spirit which seeks to harmonize the energy so it can return back to source. It produces Shen.


Sexual Energy – Ching

We are all born with an abundance of energy, Ching, the principal energy. For women this generative power is in charge of the reproductive system, it determines whether a woman is sexually active or not. The energy from the air you breathe and the food you eat mix with your Ching to endow the eggs with the creative essence necessary to foster the next generation.

Life Force – Chi

For males, the Ching is used to produce semen and the energy is stored in the scrotum. When faced with instinctual attraction from a female, the sperm begin to become excited. Their collective rapid movement produces a profound amount of energy.

The organs who have utilized the Ching now have their own unique Chi signature that is felt throughout the body. The Chi is experienced in the body as our emotions. Becoming aware of their presence will help move the energy effectively throughout the body. If the energy gets trapped, it will cause negative emotions and may lead to illness:

  • Heart: Impatience and Hastiness
  • Kidney: Fear
  • Liver: Anger
  • Spleen: Worry
  • Lungs: Sadness and Grief

Spiritual Energy – Shen

The practice of transforming the sexual energy into Chi provides the foundation for spiritual practices. After identifying this type of conversion, the ancients observed that conserving or restoring ching energy could promote a longer and healthier life. They continued to refine Ching into Chi and finally into Shen, a sheer spiritual energy. This process of cleansing the internal organs of trapped energy converts negative emotions into something else, and is the the basis of “inner alchemy.”

By restoring your organs to their state of love, joy, gentleness, kindness, respect, honesty, fairness, and righteousness, you have successfully transformed your sexual energy into refined Chi. Your spiritual development will begin as you create your subtle bodies, and give birth to yourself on the astral plain.


The Birth Of The Self

Giving Birth to the self is the goal – awakening that part of oneself which perceives and acts freely, independent of space and time. The birth of the self is the actual process of energy conversion which leads to the formation of a subtle body. It can have its own experiences, feeling, reasoning, and will of its own. Giving birth to your spirit body is an ancient way of attaining enlightenment and exploring the worlds beyond this one.

Sexual Alchemy


The goal of Taoists is to cultivate the life energy to the highest level possible, bringing good health and deep fulfillment of the human aspiration for wholeness. The early sages observed the natural process of the raw chi of the universal elements: sun and earth, food and air, being transformed into ching, or sex energy.

The next step is far more subtle and difficult to observe. The sperm energy is mixed with the chi of the human vital organs and refined into shien, or spirit. In short, sex energy offers a link between our biological and metaphysical identities, between the animal and the divine. Sexual ability gives man the divine power to re-create himself, but it also binds him to his animal body and that of his lover.

By becoming aware of your own personal energy, you can begin to cultivate, conserve, and transform this energy internally. This is the basis for self initiation into the art of alchemy.

Source: AWAKEN