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The greatest things by Earl Nightingale

The late Earl Nightingale, had some definitions called, “The Greatest Things.” 

Earl Nightingale-awakenReview them often to help us remember just what’s important and what isn’t. Here they are – The Greatest Things:

  •   The best day, today.
  •   The greatest puzzle, life.
  •   The best policy, honesty.
  •   The greatest thought, God.
  •   The greatest mystery, death.
  •   The best work, work you like.
  •   The greatest mistake, giving up.
  •   The most ridiculous asset, pride.
  •   The greatest need, common sense.
  •   The most dangerous person, a liar.
  •   The best advice, use good manners.
  •   The wisest short-cut, develop mentors.
  •   The greatest fault, to be aware of none.
  •   The greatest truth, we reap what we sow.
  •   The most expensive indulgence, self-pity.
  •   The greatest deceiver, one who deceives self.
  •   The best habit, making good on all commitments.
  •   The best teacher, one who brings out the best in you.
  •   The saddest feeling, feeling envious of another’s success.
  •   The greatest thing in the world, love – love of family, home, friends, associates, company and country.And here are some definitions taken from the backs of business cards and meeting notes we’ve accumulated along the way. They are from some of the top salespeople in the world.
  •   The greatest handicap, egotism.
  •   The greatest victory, victory over self.
  •   The most certain thing in business, change.
  •   The greatest job, being needed and appreciated.
  •   The greatest gamble, substituting hope for facts.
  •   The strongest competitive edge, a high level of energy. 
  •   The most effective selling habit, sound time management.
  •   The greatest guarantee of success, honest intelligent effort.
  •   The best action, keeping the mind clear and judgment good.
  •   The greatest selling strategy, speaking as one who has authority.
  •   The greatest waste, the vast reservoir of talents and abilities most of us possess but never quite get around to using.

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