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Oneness And Reducing Sugars In Our Diets

by : Oneness is found by experiencing the invisible matrix of the universe, and its overlapping fields of consciousness…


In the Hindu Vedas, the invisible world is called the Akasha—the field of wisdom that forms the foundation of the cosmos, a living, intelligent field, known as Spirit. We have heard that we are an expression of Spirit’s infinite potential, manifest in flesh and blood, yet sometimes feel estranged and wonder how to find our way back to Oneness.

The way we do this is by activating the circuitry in the brain that allows us to experience our interconnectedness to all things and all beings in the cosmos. These higher-order neural networks, are in a region of the brain known as the neocortex, or “new brain.” This more recently evolved part of the brain has a favorite food source: ketone bodies, or fats, that are like jet fuel for the brain.

When you eat a high-fat and low carb diet without excessive proteins, you enter into nutritional ketosis, so your body burns fats for fuel rather than glucose. If you are like most people, it will take a few days for your body to remember how to burn fats, as you have likely been running your metabolic engine on sugars for a long time. But once you switch on the fat-burning furnaces, you will notice that brain fog will begin to clear, your muscle mass will increase, and you will naturally start losing weight.

Begin the process of ketosis by cleaning out your cupboards and refrigerator. Rid your pantry and your life of anything “white” like white rice, white bread, and potatoes. Clear out the corn and any processed foods. Resist ingesting alcohol. Instead, load up on multicolor veggies and plan on nutritious stir-fry meals, salads and green juices. Create meals that are nutritionally dense and calorie poor. Make satisfying green juices instead of cocktails.

As a rule of thumb, the more colorful a fruit or vegetable, the richer it is in phytonutrients and the greater its power as a superfood. While we can also ingest phytonutrients in the form of nutritional supplements, eating them in their natural form lets us get the full benefits of their living nutrients.

For maximum benefit, we should eat vegetables and fruits that are in season, free of pesticides, and locally grown. The fruits and vegetables that most grocery stores sell as fresh are picked days or weeks before they’re ripe, with the idea that they’ll ripen in transit. In the process, they lose much of the flavor and nutritional value they would have gained from ripening naturally under the sun. Think of how flavorful a garden-fresh tomato is, and how bland and papery its grocery-store cousins taste. Supporting local farmers not only ensures that our produce will be fresh but also reduces the carbon footprint of transporting foods long distances.

If good, fresh fruits and vegetables aren’t available locally, the best alternative is frozen organic produce: frozen fruits and vegetables are picked at the height of freshness and immediately ash-frozen. Canned fruits and vegetables should be avoided at all costs. These processed foods contain all sorts of chemicals and other unhealthy additives, and much of the nutritional value has been lost. Whenever the opportunity to gather wild foods presents itself, go for it. Nothing tastes quite like a salad of wild dandelion greens!

After a few days, you will begin to develop ketones that support Oneness. You will begin to feel more relaxed, meditation will become easier and you will find that place where life and death flow seamlessly into each other and where you reside in infinity.

What will you do today to reduce the sugars in your life?


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