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Oneness And Reducing The Excess Protein In Our Food

by Dr. Alberto Villoldo: At the heart of my Grow a New Body program is a new way of thinking about what you eat and when to eat it…


In a recent blog I mentioned how sugar effects the doorway between us and the invisible matrix. In this blog we tackle the second obstacle to the invisible matrix – excess protein.

I know that telling you to decrease your protein intake flies in the face of our current popular beliefs about our protein needs but stay with me. Years ago, I was a fervent advocate of restricting carbs. Now that new research has come out and I have experienced for myself the benefits of restricting protein intake, I am convinced that eating less protein is key to growing a new body and to sustaining health and longevity. I believe that many Paleo dieters are exposing themselves to increased risk of cancer and degenerative disease because of excessive protein intake.

And, I believe that decreasing our protein intake, along with our sugar intake will open that doorway between us and the invisible matrix. In our quest for the scientific exploration of the universe, we have forgotten about personal exploration of the invisible realm of the mind and what we can find there. In the West we use our mind to study nature, to explore mathematics, but we have neglected to use the mind to study the mind. When you turn the mind within to study itself, you find peace and freedom from the suffering that exists in the material world. You find the wisdom that infuses all creation. Much like the microscope is the instrument to study the very small, the mind is the instrument to study the invisible world. But if the invisible world is so marvelous, why aren’t we spending all our time there?

The sages say the reason we are born into a body in the physical world is to evolve and grow, to acquire maturity and wisdom. To use a metaphor from physics, when we’re embodied, we’re like a photon in a particle state; while in the invisible world, we’re like a photon in a field state. The particle state is our “local” nature—flesh and blood, sitting on a couch reading. The field state is our “nonlocal” nature, in which we extend to the farthest reaches of the universe and are at one with all things. When we die and leave this body behind, we return to our nonlocal nature, to our field state, to invisible Oneness. But the sages of old learned to experience their field without dying—to taste Oneness while still in the world.

Our field state, the one we inhabit in between births, encompasses all of creation. The field is insubstantial—we don’t have enough substance to contain our awareness. The ancient Maya called the consciousness required to experience this state of Oneness the “jaguar body.” The jaguar-shamans were individuals who had defeated death and developed awareness of their infinite field state, and they brought this wisdom back to their kings. This is why the jaguar is such a powerful symbol throughout the Americas. The feline represents the journey beyond death, exploring the state of omniscience in the field, and returning to the embodied state of the living. After acquiring jaguar wisdom, we understand that we have the power to change our thinking and what we eat to unlock the gate between us and the invisible world.

How will you choose to reduce protein in your diet today?

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