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Choose Right and the Future Is Bright

by Henry Chester Gellis: So here we are, another day unfolding in the universe. If you feel you’ve missed the boat and it’s too late to fulfill your purpose you are not alone. 

Mother nature-awakenThere are hundreds of millions of people just like you that are stuck in frustration and indecision. You want to go forward but there is a wall of fear that blocks your path. This indecision may be be due to numerous negative thoughts such as “I’m too old, I have a family, I need my present income, what if it doesn’t work out.”

However, these feelings may go back to the remnants of childhood which can be Cruel. Were you ever told by a parent that you may never amount to anything or that you were fat? Did some of your classmates bully you or make fun of you? Were you abused by a family member sexually or physically?

The sooner you deal with past trauma the better, if it is still having an impact on your life. It is up to you to make a decision about how you feel about yourself. It doesn’t matter what other people think, it only matters what you think about yourself. Regain your self-confidence and believe in your God given talents. As Neal Donald WaIsch said “there is nothing you cannot do, there is nothing you cannot have, there is nothing you cannot be”.

On the flip side of the coin, if you were supported and loved by your parents and friends congratulations. With past love and support you may have an easier path to find your purpose and fulfill your destiny. A great way to thank your parents is to pay it forward to your friends, family and business associates with the same caring and support.

Unfortunately, the years you have on this earth are finite. Each day that goes by will never return. The minutes, hours, days go by  in the blink of an eye. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, breakfast, lunch, dinner, 21 years old, 31, 51, 61, 71, 91, 101, 111 game over. Didn’t we just celebrate the year 2000 a short time ago. It seemed like yesterday and most of us remember where we were to bring in the 21st century. It’s 2023. What! Where the hell did 23 years go. Life is like a speeding bullet train speeding past the stations of joy, fulfillment and happiness until you reach your final destination.

The U.S Declaration of Independence was signed on July 4th, 1776. It states in the preamble: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

If you are running your life on autopilot, under an automatic program that is not self-serving and you cannot change easily does that sound like life. Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness? The most tragic part of life journey is that we are born with free will but somewhere along the path we become slaves to the unconscious automaticity of daily life. Some would call it lives of quiet desperation.

Do you want to alter your focus and direction? How unhappy are you in your daily life? Are you ready to make changes or are you in a comfortable rut? Sometimes the fear of change is so great that we go unconsciousness. FEAR ‘‘false evidence appearing real’ ’needs to be challenged until it dissipates into the void. These changes to fulfill your God given potential are available to most people regardless of age. Of course, if you start in your twenties, you have a longer runway, but even in your senior years you can accomplish quite a lot.

If you are ready for the journey of a lifetime, I have shared some suggestions.

Look at your strengths and weaknesses and decide which obstacles in your thinking and behavior are keeping you stuck on the merry go round. After you have identified negative and positive behavioral programs decide what you want to change to go forward, what you want to continue and what no longer works.

You need a plan on how to reach your goals and a schedule to implement them in a timely fashion. You are dealing with patterns of thought and emotions that have been there a lifetime. Be loving to yourself and know that this will take time to manifest. If you fall down, know that this is part of the journey and the millions of people that have changed the course of their lives have gone through exactly what you are going through.

To successfully reach your goal you need to be motivated, focused and committed. This takes a decision on your part that whatever it takes you will never ever give up. Just think of the joy you will experience by living your passion and fulfilling your destiny. When you are doing what you are passionate about it no longer seems like work that you have to do it to survive. It’s a celebration of alignment with your creativity, intellect and purpose for being.

What we have covered so far mainly relates to getting stuck in a job you dislike and not challenging the fear to pursue what your passion and talents are. I have spoken to many tech people online who sound very smart. I ask them why don’t you start your own business? The answer is always the same “I have a family and I need the money”.

If I was unhappy in a job I would plan on how to do what would make me happy by doing the homework so that in 6 months or a year I could quit. If you love your job than plan for how you advance in the company and what you have to do to be an innovator and leader.

I have a background in finance and entertainment but am basically retired from any  full time job. Aside from a book I’m writing and involvement in an internet site. I have many hours to be productive to fill the void so my day is enriched.

As an example, when I started the book it took a lot of discipline to write three to five hours a day but I I kept on pursuing it until I formed a new pattern. Then it became part of my daily schedule and I spent over a year doing extensive research. I am currently on my second book.
To give myself energy I power walk every day for 40-45 minutes. Some days the weather is too hot or cold and I say I’m only going to walk a half hour. Then a voice in my head says it’s a beautiful day and I’m going to walk my usual amount of minutes. I also say Never, Ever give up and don’t let the old man in, a quote from Clint Eastwood.
Every other day or two I work out with weights and do sit ups and leg raises. Some days I don’t want to but I walk in to my weight lifting room and go forward. If every time you listened  to your drunken monkey mind and got off your routine you would be a victim and not control your future.
After breakfast I do breathing exercises along with meditation for 20-25 minutes. This relaxes me and I get clarity. Sometimes you have to do the worst first because every time you go forward you build confidence and improve your chances of success.
This article came from a book I’m almost finished writing. So what is next to fill the void. My wife plays the piano and I am going to start today to re familiarize my self with learning the notes and playing every day. I took lessons for many years when I was 8 to 12 years old.I’m also going to do 3 to 4 crossword puzzles a week it’s a tonic for the mind. Lastly, I am going to volunteer with a charity to give back in appreciation for all I have.

What I will cover in the future is Lifestyle. You need healthy habits so you don’t have unnecessary health obstacles that interrupt your journey. This area includes diet, sleep, exercise, stress reduction, a social net work, proper weight and a minimum of alcohol along with not taking drugs unless prescribed by a physician and absolutely necessary.

The journey begins with the first step and as you reenforce your new path it becomes part of you. Paraphrasing Joseph Campbell from his book The Heroes Journey. The hero goes on an adventure. He meets and overcomes his obstacles and returns home changed forever. He finally accepts his true nature and overcomes the fear of becoming who he really is.

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