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The True Meaning of Christmas

by Dr. Nikki Starr Noce, MD:  As you may have already guessed, the true meaning of Christmas is far from the consumerist reality so prevalent in today’s society.


Nor is it just a religious celebration.

Indeed the birth of a widely respected historical figure is celebrated on this day. Jesus, or Christ, who was an awakened being acknowledged for his divine, admirable qualities just as Buddha, Ramana Maharshi and others throughout history.

Jesus, or Yeshua, lived a life to be celebrated for he was the embodiment of ultimate love and compassion. So much so that when he was on the cross he forgave those who were killing him because he had the utmost compassion for them. He knew that they did not know what they were doing, they were doing their best given the circumstances, they were simply following orders.

How could he be so forgiving when hate, anger, jealousy and violence are happening against him? He was able to see beyond all this and choose love, compassion and forgiveness. Thus we all know the responses to a situation when asked, “what would Jesus do?”

So much so that a religion, Christianity, was created in his name–despite that never being his intention. His life created lasting impact in the hearts of many. He created change by being the example.

Christmas is really about the celebration of Christ Consciousness.

Christ consciousness is the embodiment of unconditional love and compassion.

Christ consciousness is about seeing this existence through the lens of oneness–a reality in which all beings and things are created equal. Where there is ultimate love and compassion there is no space for judgement, violence or war because there is no separation between you and I, or Mother Earth, or any animal or particle in this world. What we do to others, we do to ourselves. 

Christ consciousness is accessible to everyone. It is about living a conscious life, and choosing love and compassion in every moment no matter the circumstance. Of course it can be challenging to be love in every moment, and to be compassionate when loved ones have hurt us. So much so that it is oftentimes referred to as a practice, but it is possible. This is what all people dedicated to self-enhancement strive for. This is the goal of all those on a spiritual path. And many achieve it. You can too.

Imagine a world full of forgiveness, love and compassion. This is what peace on Earth and Heaven on Earth is all about, because ultimately when we forgive and choose love above all else, we set ourselves free and create even more harmony.

So during this holiday season I invite you to embody Christ Consciousness. Think of someone who is challenging you or a situation where you’ve been holding on to resentment, and ask yourself what would Jesus say or do? How can you choose love and compassion instead?

Wishing you much love to you and all beings and things this holiday season. Happy Holidays.

Dr. Nikki Noce, MD is committed to love, compassion, happiness, health and harmony.

After receiving her Medical Degree from New York University School of Medicine and completing her internship at NYU Medical Center, Dr. Nikki chose to veer from the western medicine model to focus on wellness, prevention, and happiness. Dr Nikki is also a certified Yoga Instructor with a Bachelor’s Degree from New York University in Psychology and Nutrition.

As a Life Enhancement Practitioner, Dr. Nikki is passionate about inspiring and empowering people to live the life of their dreams. Dr. Nikki currently lives in Los Angeles, working with clients across the country via The Initiation Course™ while traveling the world hosting retreats.

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