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Finding Happiness In the New Year- Jonathan Robinson

by Jonathan Robinson: Most people make New Year resolutions that, even if they kept them, their life really wouldn’t improve much.

Woman-on-the-beach-AWAKENYes, it would be nice to lose a little weight or make more money, but have you noticed there are a lot of thin and/or rich folks who are miserable?  So, what resolution is truly worth making?

Many years ago, I had a near-death experience following an auto accident.  During that event, I experienced a quick review of my life.  While I watched my life review, it seemed like I was being asked a question.  In its simplest form, the question was, “What have you learned about love?

After my recovery from this accident, I learned that almost everyone who temporarily dies and comes back to life feels they are asked the same basic question. That’s right.  No matter your religion, spiritual beliefs, or culture, it’s always more or less the same question about love.

I’m telling you this so you’ll be prepared with a really good answer as to what you’ve learned about love before you die. (It’s kind of like being able to cheat on the final exam of life!) Our lives offer endless distractions from what’s important. Yet, a resolution is a vow that, for the next period of time, you plan to really focus on something that’s essential to you.  What could be more important than aiming to be a more loving person?

Of course, how you go about becoming a more loving person should be unique to you.  If you’ve read my book, The Enlightenment Project, you know I’ve tried everything from psychedelic drugs and guru’s, to 50 different types of spiritual and psychological methods.  Gradually, I have found what has worked–and what has not worked– for me. Have you found what is working marvelously well for you? If so, resolve to do more of it. If not, explore more.

My latest book can give you what I think are the most effective ideas and methods for being more loving and peaceful, but ultimately you need to find what works best for you. (here’s a link to the book and audiobook in case you’re interested):

We’ve all heard that the “Kingdom of Heaven” is within and that we’re here to learn to love. However, in this crazy world we now live in, we need all the help we can get to move in that direction. So, resolve to make 2024 the year of opening up to even more love, and showing your care even more to those around you.

…That might look like being nicer to yourself, doing more acts of kindness for others, treating your body better, reading helpful books, or even asking for divine or human help in this sacred endeavor. However you go about it, resolve to learn more about the many facets of love, and how to deepen into love.  That’s one resolution that’s really worth making.

Happy New Year, and may your year be filled with lots of love and learning.

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