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Decor and Well-Being: How Your Home’s Aesthetics Affects Your Mood

by Chloe Taylor: There is no place like home…


it’s where people feel free, relaxed and happy, or at least they should… If you’re one of those people who feel overwhelmed, suffocated and just can’t seem to relax at your own home, take a look at this guide. Here, you can learn how to design and decorate your home to boost well-being and improve mood.


One of the first things you can do to improve the positive vibe in your home is to make it clean and tidy. A variety of little trinkets on the display shelves, storage spaces overflowing with personal items, supplies taking over your work desk and other things might not look ugly, but subconsciously they can create a feeling of distress. Clutter can even boost the feeling of anxiety and depression in people who suffer from it. On the other hand, uncluttered, clean and tidy spaces will keep you relaxed and stress free. Plus, it will put an emphasis on your home’s architectural details, lines and size, instead of leaving them buried under a pile of things. So, decluttering will help you maintain your physical and mental hygiene and boost the look of your home. You can look into the minimalist movement or just clean out your home of unnecessary things every once in a while.

Decor that boosts well-being

Homes that boost well-being and mood are usually decluttered, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up all decoration and live with just a few necessities. No, decorating with the right items can make your space more attractive and further improve the way you feel in it. However, try to limit yourself to only a few carefully chosen items. Every accessory you choose to put into your home has to have a clear purpose—aesthetic, practical or emotional. Some people find their décor companion in original art, some in beautiful fruit bowls or vases, some in ancient family heirloom. Those who want to really welcome Zen into their home can opt for a simple Buddha statue or a small indoor Zen garden. But, whatever you choose has to give you a feeling of balance, well-being, happiness or pride.

Pick the right color

Science has long known about the curious effect colors have on human mood and emotions and they named that phenomenon The Psychology of Colors. It states that human mind has different, sometimes very strong, emotional responses to different colors. For instance, blue and green have a comforting and lulling effect which makes them perfect for bedrooms and other spaces made for relaxation. However, red, especially deep and vibrant shade, can awaken passion and make you more alert. If you want a pick-me-up, yellow should be your go-to color. It promotes communication and creativity and is just quite uplifting and invigorating.

Pay special attention to your bathroom

The bathroom is a space where you can pamper and nurture your body and soul, so try to keep it as relaxing as possible. The first thing that catches the eye in any bathroom is the tub. Elegant yet minimalist bath tubs have a very relaxing vibe that will contribute to a clean and uncluttered aesthetics, but also look very stylish and high-end. If you opt for a deeper model, you’ll get to achieve ultimate state of relaxation even after the most stressful of days. Surround your bath with a few fragrant candles, set the water temperature just right and you’ll feel better instantly.

Boost the light

Another way to welcome nature into your home and boost your mood and well-being is to let as much natural light into your space as possible. People thrive when showered in sunlight (just think about how gloomy you feel during bleak winter days with zero sunlight) and it greatly affects your mood. So, before you turn on your general lighting, make sure to open your blinds and push back the curtains! Additionally, make sure to switch your piercing artificial light for something with a little lower voltage. Dimmers and lush lampshades are a great way to provide light, but prevent it from being too offensive.

Incorporate nature into your design

Going back to nature, or at least incorporating it into your home design and decoration, is the best thing you can do for your well-being. It’s in your genes to feel relaxed and safe when surrounded by greenery and natural materials and including such elements into the home interior can be very beneficial both for your physical and mental health. So, welcome a few plants in your space for a pop of relaxing green color. Plants can also keep your indoor air quality at bay and allow you to breathe easily.

The day of a modern human is filled with numerous stressful situations, from your car not wanting to start to your coworkers not pulling their weight. When you survive that stress, you deserve to be greeted with a space that will soothe your nerves, boost your well-being and make your feel…well, at home.

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