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True Prayer Comes from the Heart: For the Animals – Donna Quesada


by Donna Quesada: The guided prayer featured in this video, For the Animals, is from the new release called New Prayers to Mary. A portion of all proceeds from this track will be donated to animal rescue efforts. Please share!

Presenting… New Prayers to Mary

True prayer comes from the heart. It is an emanation of the soul’s longing for solace, healing and miracles. There is nothing more comforting than truly feeling the soothing embrace of divine love because it works on a higher level than traditional modes of therapy. It is independent of any religion because it is not about belief, but rather, experience.

Mary is the universally beloved connection to the mysterious and sacred realm we call God. She is the one figure that is adored by all spiritual traditions. New Prayers to Mary presents a fresh and new collection of prayers, which arose through my own love for Mother Mary.

Putting these prayers together with Thierry’s musical accompaniment flowed as if meant to be, as if each piece of music was destined for the prayer it was coupled with. We found that each choice of music served as the perfect complement to the prayer, and that it enhanced and reinforced its intention.

It is our hope that these new prayers serve as a means of connection with the gentle and nurturing presence of the divine mother, whose love is always there. All we need to do is ask for it.

New Prayers to Mary is available here:

Also available on all digital platforms.

New Prayers to Mary

Donna Quesada

Thierry Schollhammer

1. Connecting To Mary

2. Open To Spirit

3. For Forgiveness

4. For Depression

5. For Fear

6. For The Animals

7. For Anger

8. For Sleep

9. For OCD and Intrusive Thoughts

10. For Emotional Trauma

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