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Did Culture Really Embrace Queer People This Decade?

October 9th, 2022|

by Louis Staples: From music to TV, the last 10 years have seen popular culture engage with the LGBTQ+ community like never before. But is such apparent progress genuine, asks Louis Staples… […]

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The future of heterosexuality

September 29th, 2022|

by Shon Faye: To launch our new Future of Sex series, author Shon Faye examines the current state of heterosexuality – how it’s been ravaged by the internet, feminism and the media, and where it [...]

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Mary Trump On How Her Uncle Keeps Getting Away With It

September 22nd, 2022|

by Dahlia Lithwick: On a recent episode of Amicus, Dahlia Lithwick spoke with Mary Trump and Norm Ornstein about how one Trump-appointed judge was able to derail the Justice Department’s investigation… […]

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The Truth Behind This Unemployment Benefits Myth

September 10th, 2022|

by Amanda Holpuch: US employees are concerned about safety, others have caregiving responsibilities and some are using their job loss as an opportunity to find other work.. […]

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What to Actually Do About an Unequal Partnership

August 27th, 2022|

by Anne Helen Petersen: I have spent so much of my adult life marveling at, obsessed with, and generally despairing re: the persistence of gendered norms around unpaid labor. By “unpaid labor” I mean: all [...]

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Yoga And Feminism

August 26th, 2022|

by Julie Peters: When I was in school, I wanted to talk about feminism all the time… […]

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Basic Breath Series

August 23rd, 2022|

This set gives you a quick lift in energy, increased clarity, and a sense of balance… […]

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The Language That Doesn’t Use ‘No’

August 22nd, 2022|

by Eileen McDougall: Nepal’s Kusunda language has no known origin and a number of quirks, like no words for “yes” or “no”. It also has only one fluent speaker left, something linguists are racing to [...]

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Life Hacks From India On How to Stay Cool

August 20th, 2022|

by Gulrez Shah Azhar: (without an air conditioner)... In Uttar Pradesh, India, where I grew up, temperatures can soar as high as 120 degrees in May and June. But very few people have access to [...]

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Living Off-Grid: What It’s Actually Like

August 12th, 2022|

by Wren Everett: In our modern day, with cable TV shows banking off of the “weirdness” of living off the grid, the very phrase “Off-Grid” images of end-of-the-world preppers stocking up MREs and ammo… [...]

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How Vin Scully Scored His Dodgers Gig At 22 Years Old

August 10th, 2022|

by James Walker: Vin Scully, who died on Aug. 2, 2022, is widely viewed as the greatest baseball announcer of all time. But for an earlier generation, his mentor, Red Barber, held that distinction… [...]

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The Punctuation Marks Loved (and Hated) by Famous Writers

August 6th, 2022|

by Emily Temple: Parul Sehgal once argued that style “is 90 percent punctuation.” A glance at Adam Calhoun’s visual comparisons of novels stripped down to just their punctuation marks would suggest something similar… […]

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A Conversation With Dr. Timothy Leary

August 3rd, 2022|

Sid: I read Ronald Siegel’s book Intoxication (Dutton, 1989) which I found very interesting. He described drug experiences as just a natural part of all evolution, and even in the wild, animals … […]

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Same-Sex Marriage Legalization by Country

August 1st, 2022|

by Brianna Navarre and Megan Trimble: The Dutch triggered a political and social shift that has spread across large swaths of the globe… […]