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Why Do We Say Thank You?

December 10th, 2022|

by Valerie Fridland Ph.D: The history of thanking teaches us some surprising things about gratitude. […]

  • Discovering-Our-Higher-Purpose-awaken

Discovering Our Higher Purpose

December 4th, 2022|

by Shakti Gawain: A basic need of all human beings is to make a positive contribution to the world and to our fellow beings, as well as to improve and enjoy our personal lives. […]

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TedxTalk “Pop’s Letter” – Fu-Ding Cheng

December 4th, 2022|

TEDxTalk presented at the Vortex Dome, Los Angeles by Fu-Ding Cheng. An improbable story of self-transformation, art, and mysterious powers beyond reason… […]

  • Forgiveness-awaken

Forgiveness- Donna Quesada

December 4th, 2022|

by Donna Quesada: Although I have written about forgiveness before, it continues to stand out in my mind as one of the essentials, in terms of self-work. […]

  • How-Your-Mind-Affects-Your-Health-awaken

How Your Mind Affects Your Health

December 2nd, 2022|

by Ed and Deb Shapiro:  We hold huge amounts of repressed or denied grief, anger, trauma, memories, or emotional pain deep in the cells of our body, […]

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Self-Esteem by Virginia Satir

November 28th, 2022|

by Virginia Satir:  At this writing I have been a therapist and teacher for nearly 40 years. Once in a while in my life, things come together in a new way. […]

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Who Is Abraham Hicks? – Esther Hicks

November 26th, 2022|

The Law of Attraction is a fundamental Universal principle that states that you attract into your life whatever you think about… […]

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What Is Positive Psychology?

November 16th, 2022|

by Kendra Cherry Fact checked by Shereen Lehman, MS: Positive psychology is one of the newest branches of psychology to emerge. […]

  • Rupert-Spira-awaken

There Is No Choice In Eternity

November 16th, 2022|

by Rupert Spira: It is seen in this conversation that causality, choice and time are the finite mind trying to make sense of eternity… […]

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10 Short Zen Stories

November 15th, 2022|

by Sofo Archon: Sometimes a story can teach much more than entire philosophical treatises. […]

  • Donna-Quesada--awaken

Grace Pt 1 – Donna Quesada

November 12th, 2022|

by Donna Quesada: If you were to ask me, after sitting through all the various meditation retreats and spiritual training programs […]

  • judith orloff, author

How To Deal With A Narcissist

November 7th, 2022|

 Judith Orloff M.D.:  Adapted from “Emotional Freedom: Liberate Yourself From Negative Emotions and Transform Your Life”  […]

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The Power of Mothering

November 1st, 2022|

by Clark Strand and Perdita Finn: Rediscover the healing power of women’s spirituality. “Man or woman, become the mothers the world needs us to be.”… […]

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Primordial Light And Pachacuti

October 30th, 2022|

by Alberto Villoldo: According to lore, the power of Ti can create beauty, or heal the sick, or fabricate galaxies… […]

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A High School Student’s Mural Angers Parents

October 29th, 2022|

by Vanessa Romo: School district officials and a high school student in Michigan have drawn the ire of parents who allege that a painted mural contains LGBTQ propaganda, a depiction of Satan and a message [...]