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Peter Diamandis: How To Find The Mindset And Energy To Go Big

by Peter Diamandis: In a recent interview at Singularity University’s Global Summit in San Francisco…

Peter Diamandis said he’s at his best whenever he taps into his passion and lets it shine through.

“Anything I do has got to be truly from the heart and the soul,” Diamandis said. “Otherwise, I’m not going to care. If the love isn’t there, it’s never going to thrive.”

He believes this passion is what drives entrepreneurs to push past the “near-death experiences” they’ll inevitably face as the founders of something new. No successful startup can avoid the moment when everything looks sure to fold.

“Unless you love, love, love what you do and what you’re doing, unless you’re driven by that internal massively transformative purpose, heart and soul—you’re going to give up before you succeed,” he said. But if your belief and passion keep you engaged, keep you pushing your project forward, there is a much greater chance it’ll “live long enough to live forever.”

Watch the video for more on entrepreneurship, Diamandis’ three favorite moonshots, two core beliefs he thinks tech will upend in the future—and his favorite character from Star Trek the Next Generation.

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