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Two Essential Keys For Trusting In Yourself

by Pragito DoveTrust is not about anybody else. It is an intuitive inner “knowing” that you are connected to an inexhaustible source of love…


that there is an all-embracing security, integrity, and balance to the order of things. Even when you don’t understand what is happening, or why, trust comforts you that at the right time everything will become clear.

Every child is born full of trust. Unfortunately many of us lose our connection to our trusting heart as we move through childhood to adulthood. Perhaps you were often criticized and began to think that everything that went wrong was your fault. Perhaps you were left alone a lot, or people forgot to feed you or pick you up from school. Perhaps your parents broke a lot of promises, or your father left our mother, or your mother died. As young children how could you know that these things were not your fault? You learned to be quick to condemn yourself for real and imagined shortcomings. Your only recourse was to lock up your heart and retreat to your head, where mistrust and anxiety take hold.

Meditation techniques give you a wonderful means to recover trust, find anxiety relief and recover the inner richness you have lost touch with.  The awareness and healing that comes with meditation guides you back from the head to the heart, from logic to love, from anxiety to trust. Meditation encourages you to dig a little deeper than the surface so that you begin to notice how often you put yourself  down. You are rewarded with renewed confidence that you can trust your intuitive knowing, those gut feelings that keep you safe from outer harm and self-destructive impulses.

When you bring awareness to loving and accepting yourself in this moment, right now, you unearth the keys that can reopen your trusting heart.

So how can you learn to trust yourself? There are two essential keys: awareness and love.


The main obstacle to trusting the wisdom of your heart  is the mind. Anxiety and greed live in the mind and if you are not paying attention these negative thoughts can run rampant and create a lot of unnecessary suffering. Awareness is the master key to help you disidentify from the mind and become a witness, an observer. As you practice this technique of observing the mind you become less at the effect of anxiety-producing thoughts and more connected to, and trusting in, the wisdom of your heart.

  1. LOVE

Trust and love are intrinsically a part of each other, inextricably intertwined. You can find love through trust or you can find trust through love. It is as if love is the circumference and trust is its very center, it’s soul; love is a temple and trust is its innermost shrine. Practice being loving and accepting of yourself. Trust will follow.

The more you love and trust yourself, the more you will be able to love and trust others. The intellect has to follow the heart and follow its directions.

Intelligence is intellect in tune with the heart.

Let your heart be the master and the mind be its servant. This is the harmony that allows you to move forward in trust, take risks, and allow your authentic self to unfold.

4 Minute Meditation: Trust Yourself

Trust in yourself brings rich rewards. You strengthen your self-confidence, self-respect and self-esteem. Your creativity blooms and you attract love and many good things. Rather than constantly second-guessing yourself, decisions are easier with your inner compass of trust to guide you.

Where do you begin to develop trust? Start with yourself. Start with the present moment where you are. You lose trust when you become disconnected from your heart.

Bring awareness to loving and accepting yourself in this moment right now. Close your eyes and see the good in yourself. If criticisms, judgments arise, let them pass by. Whatever you focus on grows in you. So focus on the good.

The mind has no power of its own. At the most it can give you alternatives, but the choice finally is yours. So always lean toward the good about yourself, even if it is difficult in the beginning. The more you choose the good, the more you will naturally and spontaneously move toward good. By and by, you will no longer have to choose. As your love and acceptance of yourself deepens, so will your trust.

Trust in yourself brings anxiety relief, relaxation and a calm joy.

Pragito Dove is a contemporary thought leader, master trainer in personal development, international speaker, and meditation expert who empowers people to free themselves of pain, suffering, and self-limiting beliefs, and step into their greatest creative expression. A published author in seven languages, she is dedicated to re-igniting purpose, productivity and abundance in people’s lives.


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