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This Is How Laughter Really Affects Your Body

You already know that laughing does wonders for you. You’ve felt it brighten your day, calm your mind and lift your mood to whole new heights,


all thanks to an inside joke in the office, a hilarious comment from a kid, or a totally spontaneous mishap that makes you (and everyone around you) burst into peals of laughter. The kick it gives your mental health and emotions is awesome, but there’s something else we bet you haven’t considered yet: laughter’s physical benefits.

In the spirit of celebrating moments that make you laugh like you mean it, we’ve teamed up with Always® Discreet to look at all the ways your giggles, snorts and roars of laughter affect your body. Spoiler alert: It’s good for you, from your head to your toes. So laugh it up!

Always® Discreet believes that you should never miss a chance to laugh, and you should never let a sensitive bladder stop you from enjoying life’s side-splitting moments. That’s why they’ve created Always® Discreet for Sensitive Bladders – a collection of liners, pads and underwear so you’ll never be held back by leaks. So go ahead, laugh like you mean it! See more from Always® Discreet at Purple Clover.

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