by Dr. Nikki Starr Noce, MD: The masses are awakening. The secrets are being uncovered. What went into hiding centuries ago is now being revealed.

It is happening now because mankind is ready. We have bled war, destroyed our mother, accumulated more material possessions than we know what to do with. We have become aware that consumerism is a shackle, preventing us from flying. Many are beginning to feel the presence, the presence of God.

For a long time I detested the word God. None of it made sense to me. Was there really a man sitting on a cloud up there? How could a God be judgmental, deciding if you were destined for heaven or hell? At times he seemed forgiving and loving. It was all very confusing to me during my religious instruction classes as a child.

The start of organized religion took away our “power” as humans. This power is the God force that exists within each one of us. We are the creators of this existence. We are God. God is THE vibration of the universe. God is inspiration. God is life force. God is source. God is creative force that can be harnessed by all of us–it’s within all of us.

With organized religion there was a surrender of our power to this supposed all powerful being–God (the noun). Jesus, Buddha, and all those enlightened masters were leading by example. They were not meant to be worshipped in a way as to rob us of our power, but rather, to show us what we are capable of.

What God would want to instill fear in us? So many people live fearful to experience. Fearful to explore the desires of the heart, fearful to fulfill the desires of our sexual nature, fearful to live in the moment of inspiration. All of this fear has created disease–disease of the mind, body, and spirit. Depression is rampant. Our precious vessels carrying us through this journey are being neglected. Addictions to sex and drugs have become the outlets for curiosities.

It’s time to wake up my darlings and feel the unlimited, infinite life force, aka God, flowing within us and all around us. There are many ways to release blockages and fears in order to open up the channels to receive enlightenment. The question remains being ready and disciplined.

Choose love. Choose love even if you’re not feeling love. God is love, for after all God is a verb. Anything that isn’t love is fear and it’s time to starve the fears. Love is contagious. Love is healing. Love creates miracles.

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The cultivation of love can happen with practices like yoga, meditation, connecting with nature, music, dance, art, expression, trying new things, meeting new people, experiencing all the diversities of this earth, heart opening connections with other human beings, eliminating toxins from our environment, nourishing our bodies with whole foods and natural medicines of the earth, and anything that fosters love and inspiration.

All the secrets of the universe exist inside of us. Once we tap into this force anything is possible. We can create a life full of love and ignite this passion in others. This energy is contagious. When we tap into God force this existence becomes our dreams–we are the designers capable of creating the heaven on earth this human experience is intended be.

Dr. Nikki Noce, MD is committed to love, compassion, happiness, health and harmony.

After receiving her Medical Degree from New York University School of Medicine and completing her internship at NYU Medical Center, Dr. Nikki chose to veer from the western medicine model to focus on wellness, prevention, and happiness. Dr Nikki is also a certified Yoga Instructor with a Bachelor’s Degree from New York University in Psychology and Nutrition.

As a Life Enhancement Practitioner, Dr. Nikki is passionate about inspiring and empowering people to live the life of their dreams. Dr. Nikki currently lives in Los Angeles, working with clients across the country via The Initiation Course™ while traveling the world hosting retreats.

Source: AWAKEN