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Power, Wealth, and a Confucius for Today

The Institute for Asian Studies & Confucius Institute at PSU presented Power, Wealth, and a Confucius for Today 


A lecture given by Dr. Peter K. Bol, Harvard University Friday, October 26, 2012.

Over the last 2500 years Confucius has been several times reinterpreted to make him speak to the present. And, so it is again today. There is a Confucius for authoritarians and a Confucius for the liberal critics of authoritarianism. But do Confucius and the Confucian tradition really have anything to say today?

Dr. Peter K. Bol is a renowned scholar of Neo-Confucianism and Chinese history at Harvard University. His research is centered on the history of Chinese thought and society from the 8th – 17th centuries. He is author of Neo-Confucianism in History and directs the Center for Geographic Analysis, the China Historical Geographic Information Systems project, and the China Biographical Database project.

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