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The Ceremony of Confucius

The Taipei Confucius Temple was opened in 1879 and re-erected on DaLong Street in 1939. 


The design of the temple is an example for typical Fujian temple style. 每年的 9月28日 是教師節,也是「至聖先師」孔子的誕辰紀念。September 28 is “教師節”, means “Teacher’s Day”, which is celebrated to commemorate the birth of Confucius,”The Ultimate Sage.”

On this day, Taipei Confucius Temple would hold a grand and solemn ceremony
dedicated to Confucius.

“釋奠典禮開始” means “The ceremony begins”.
All these musicians, dancers and deacons, advance to the beats of the drum
with making 5 steps and 1 stop in between beats.

“陪祭官就位” means “The assistant sacrifice officers take their
designated positions”.

“迎神” means “Welcome the spirit”.
This is to reverentially welcome the descent of Confucius’ spirit.
They hold “提燈(Lanterns), “傘(Umbrella)”, and “扇(Sunshade)”.
“萬世師表” on the Sunshade means “Confucius is the model teacher of

“行初獻禮” means “Initial principal presentation”.

The ceremony is highlighted by a traditional “八佾舞”, means
“Eight-Square Formation Dance”,
to pay tribute to the Confucian ideologies of “teaching without social
class discrimination”
and “teaching students in accordance with their aptitude”.

The “鏞鐘(Yong Zhong)” is a large bell, set to the east side.
The “晉鼓(Jin Gu)” is a large drum, set to the west side.
The arrangement represents matin bells and vesper drums.

The “笙(Sheng)” is consisting of 13 bamboo pipes inserted into a metal
chamber with finger holes.

They dance with the ritual objects
“翟(Pheasant tail feather)” and “籥(Ancient short flute)”.
According to the Chinese ancient customs, the pheasant tail feather is the
most beautiful thing.
Therefore, it is taken for showing the highest respects to Confucius.

Teacher’s Day is also a day to honor our teachers
and acknowledge their hard work over the past years.

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