by Evita Ochel: Mother Meera:  We walk each day through our own paths of life. We do our chores, we put in our hours, we buy our things. But how often do we step back to take in the utter beauty and awe of life? Mother Meera is know for her divine Darshan, (seeing the scared). Her followers, worldwide come for her Darshan, a ritual where she offers her touch and a gaze and a blessing of love, light and grace. How often do we allow for moments of stillness or silence to enter our life?

There are so many transformational experiences – so many special moments – so many uplifting people to come across.

This is why when good friend Megan Bord from It’s All About Joy shared with me one of these special people and experiences that I could experience in my life, I jumped at the opportunity.

Megan introduced me to Mother Meera – a being who is transforming the consciousness of this planet one blessing at a time. I soon after found out Mother Meera is coming to my area to give a Darshan.

Well, up to this point I did not know who Mother Meera was, or what a Darshan was, but I was definitely excited to find out. And so today I share with you, my experience of a Darshan with Mother Meera.

Who Is Mother Meera?

Mother Meera was born on December 26th, 1960, in the village of Chandepalle in Southern India. She was not born into any particular religion. From an early age, her family acknowledged her as a “different“, “unique” and “special” child. She began to attract the attention of many, who saw her as an exceptional being early on in her life.

Mother Meera is recognized as an “Avatar” – an Incarnation of the Divine that comes to Earth whenever there is a need to uplift and protect humanity. An Avatar is also someone who is born enlightened. She is said to be an incarnation of the Divine Mother herself.

It is said that Mother Meera has come to purify the consciousness of the earth so it may be ready for transformation.  Her work is all about raising humanity’s consciousness, feeling the Divine consciousness and acting out of our highest free will.

She asks nothing of her followers, and has devoted her life to performing Darshans all around the world on a weekly basis.

It is not necessary to devote or believe in me. If you are sincere to your guru, master, God, Absolute or to the Divine, it is enough and I will strengthen your faith.

Finally, if you believe in God, that is enough for me.  I suggest you do your job and your duties wholeheartedly and joyfully and bring peace and happiness in your family and in your surroundings… If you need me or my help I will help you, whatever path you may follow.  For me there is no difference.  All paths lead to the same goal, that is, to realize the Divine.”

Mother Meera

What is a Darshan?

To put it quite simply, a Darshan is a silent blessing. There are no words exchanged, no songs, no rituals. At first glance some of us may not see how going to see someone for something like that could hold much value, but that is just our noisy and busy physical world getting the better of us.

Darshan” is a Sanskrit term for meeting or experiencing an avatar, saint, guide, teacher or a sacred place for the purpose of absorbing the divine energy being offered.

Mother Meera offers a silent bestowal of Love, Light and Grace through her gaze and touch during her Darshan.

I can’t help to stop and reflect here, about how we think we will communicate as beings in the spiritual realm. Will it be in English? In Chinese? In Mayan? I highly doubt that. There is so much that words just cannot express, no matter the language. I personally believe that there is another language that binds us all – a language of light and love. This is where I think that silence is bliss, for it is then that we can tune into our spiritual selves perhaps the best, without any physical distractions.

Coming to a Darshan with Mother Meera can be a transformative experience. It all depends on how open we are, where each of us is on our own path of spiritual evolution, what each of our needs are, etc.

As for money or a fee, there is none. A Darshan is given for free. All one needs to do is register so that the organizing committee knows how many people to expect.

My Experience

Mother Meera held a Darshan in Toronto on April 14, 2010. Two times were scheduled a 2pm and 6pm Darshan. However, a few days before, due to overwhelming demand a third time was offered.

I attended the Darshan with Markus (my husband) and although we were both looking forward to this experience, neither one of us really knew what to expect. So we walked in with open minds and hearts.

The Darshan was held at a typical hotel conference room. There were around 200 – 300 people at the Darshan we attended.

We walked into the room in silence. Everyone had a seat in a chair and we all took off our shoes. The instructions were simple, go up into the center aisle when your row is motioned to do so and kneel down. As Mother Meera gives each person a Darshan, the center aisle moves up on their knees to approach Mother Meera.

Once a person arrives at Mother Meera’s feet, we were to lower our heads. It was at this time that she places her hands on our head. When her hands lift, we were to look up into Mother Meera’s eyes, until she looks away. This signifies the end of the Darshan. During and through the touch and gaze, she bestows a silent blessing to each person.

It took just over 2 hours for all rows to be called. Our row was one near the end, so we sat in silence for about an hour and half. At times we had our eyes closed and meditated. At times we watched the Darshan given to others. The room was in complete silence for that whole time period.

Needless to say, we were excited when our row was finally called. As I made my way towards Mother Meera, I consciously shifted my focus yet again to an open heart and mind, inviting her blessing for me. I bowed my head and felt her hands graze my head. It was a serenely still moment. Her hands lifted and she looked into my eyes, and I into hers. Her gaze was powerful, but gentle. In that moment it was as if time stood still. I have to tell you, seeing others it seemed like such a quick experience, but being locked in her gaze, it felt for me definitely much longer than I expected. And than it was over and I went back to my seat.

I cannot tell you that I was struck with any profound insight or had some mystical visions during or after the event. I wondered if I was going to feel different, if I was going to have some special dream that night or something new would jump out at me. None of those things happened.

Sometimes we as physical beings look for something to literally jump out at us and knock us over or something. We look for sings and symbols to validate meaning, and at times so hard, when the true and perhaps most valuable gift is stillness and silence.

How many of us have ever sat 2 hours in silence? Not many I presume. Most of us have a hard time dedicating 15 minutes for a daily meditation. And I won’t lie and tell you that it was easy. Naturally 2 hours is a long time to have a lot of thoughts. But my consciousness kept bringing me back to the present moment, and that was good.

I knew in that room and in that moment that there was nothing to do, but be. In the end, I enjoyed the stillness and silence. I was and am grateful for Mother Meera’s blessing and for having experienced her Darshan.

Mother Meera concluded the public Darshan with a group blessing, which was also done in silence. Throughout the whole event, she did not make one sound, or utter one word. She simply was present, and gave every single person, from the first to the last, her undivided attention and gift of presence.

If this event interests you and you would like to research it more, you will find accounts of anything from people who were spontaneously healed having visited Mother Meera, to people who thought the whole experience is a waste of time. In the end, I believe as Mother Meera says, we each get from her Darshan what we are meant to.

“The energy or the Light which you receive in Darshan acts in its own way.  There is nothing for you to do.”

Mother Meera

One last thing that I would like to mention is that whomever the individual may be that we come across, however “special” or “holy” or “popular” – we must never forget our own self worth, or turn to idolizing a certain being.

I have no doubt that Mother Meera is a uniquely gifted being, however at this point in my life, I also know and acknowledge the divine in myself and in each and every person in this world.

Perhaps one of the most important things that we can learn from saintly beings like this, is that each and every single one of us is holy in our own way. We are all one. And if we are all one, gone are the boundaries between us, any and all hierarchies get dissolved by light and love of our being.

Treasure and be grateful for all the amazing teachers, guides and healers in this world, but in the process do not give up your own free will or forget your own divinity.

Source: AWAKEN