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Get In Shape By Following These Fitness Tips

by Albert Lopez: Everybody needs to be a huge success in maintaining the body shape. But, for the majority, it’s an utter failure. Why?


Probably they may not have got the proper guidance. As weight loss doctors say, a wrong path in the process of losing weight can lead to severe health problems in individuals. Therefore, one must take advice from a veteran professional before attempting to try out any physical exercises or workouts.

The following are a few valuable tips that would be of immense use to all who need to keep their bodies in good shape. Try them, and you are sure to be successful.

Eat for healthy feet

All your body parts are important alike in exercises. But, one’s feet are more significant in physical activities than any other part. So, you must take good care to keep your feet healthy, strong and beautiful. Most people suffer from fungal infections and ulcers on their feet. It’s painful, ugly and unpleasant. Garlic is a fine medicine to cure such sores in your feet. Add Garlic to your daily meals and see the difference.

Keep it short and sweaty

How much time do you devote to your daily exercises? May be 15-20 minutes or one full hour or even more. There’s no specific time duration for exercising your body. But, better to have a short, but somewhat hard work out. According to professionals in the field, it gives better results. You should feel the real fatigue and end up with a sweat- smeared body. Prolonged workouts are less likely to be successful. So, short and sweaty is the best way.

Go vegan till dinner

Fond of taking animal flesh? Some may think that it’s a good source to be strong and healthy. But, that’s a big folly. All kinds of meat contain a lot of animal proteins, fats, and oils. They raise the blood cholesterol level and have a remarkable influence on blood sugar level. Also, these substances will promote the growth of the body. If you take a lot of meat in your diet, you’ll not reach your target of a shaped, beautiful body.

Practice yoga

Well, yoga is a fine way to shape up your body. Now don’t say that you’re too busy to devote any time for yoga, because you can practice it anywhere and everywhere. There’s no specific time or place to practice it. You can make use of the small space on your bed or table to do a few yoga exercises. It’s a fine way to gain both body shape and flexibility.

Fuel up right post-exercise

Naturally, you feel hungry after a hard workout at the gym. But, what should you eat for gaining the maximum benefit of your effort? According to weight loss doctors, fewer carbs and more proteins would be the right choice of food just after the gym. Anyway, you must take this food at least one hour after the exercises. Unsweetened dried fruits like currants, almonds, cashews and ginger seeds are a good mixture of eatables to fuel you up.

Drink all day

It’s quite normal for everyone to drink plenty of water just after exercising the body since you feel dead thirsty by that time. But, it’s not at all a good way. Overdrinking will probably cause electrolyte imbalances in humans. So, the best way is to drink throughout the day. Never wait until you feel thirsty. Drink water once in every half an hour. It will keep your performance up to the required level throughout the day.

Work out earlier. Sleep later.

Busy daily chores may not allow you to find time for a work out in the day time. So, many people rush to the gym late at night. But, that’s not a good way. Physical exercises usually keep you energetic, and that will be a barrier for the sleep to reach you. Therefore, do your exercises at least 3-4 hours before the bedtime. Better to do it before night.

High weight exercises

Plan your exercises well to have a good balance in high weight exercises. Include both kinds to get the real benefit of them.

Keep the tips in your mind and stick to them. You will own an attractive, shaped-up body before long.

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