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Easily Boost Immunity + Work Smarter, Not Harder

by Jonathan Robinson: Hi Friends, During times of stress and change, it’s important to do two things:


1) boost your immunity so you can stay healthy and  2) work smarter instead of harder. If you do both these things, you can save yourself time and trouble, and be better able to thrive despite the challenges we’re all facing.

In terms of easily boosting your immunity, I’ve scoured many articles and studies, and I’ve seen over and over again that 3 inexpensive supplements can help people to stay healthy:  They are D3 (Vitamin D), zinc, and Vitamin C.  It’s not clear how much you need to take of each, but any amount is better than nothing.  In fact, there are preliminary studies that people who take these 3 supplements are less likely to get Covid-19, and if they do, they recover more quickly…I hope you find this info useful and act on it…At the website, (I have no financial tie to them), you can purchase these supplements very inexpensively.

In relation to working smarter during these difficult times, I’ve created an 80 minute audio program called, “Work Smarter, Not Harder: The Science of Increasing Productivity and Inner Peace at the Same Time.”  You can listen to it FOR FREE on an app called Listenable.  In 18 brief sessions, I provide practical methods and ideas that will allow you to get more done with less effort and stress.

If you like what you hear, you can get access to hundreds of Listenable audio courses for about $7.50 a month.  You can cancel at any time.

In my program, I talk about such things as:
*How realistic deadlines can increase both your productivity and enjoyment by over 30%
* How the inability to say “No” can cost you lots of money and stress, and how to overcome this tendency
* How to solve problems with anyone by asking one  simple question
* How letting go of stress and connecting with inner peace can actually make you more productive (according to studies)

By learning how to work smarter instead of harder you’ll make more money while also creating more time for yourself. I used to work 50 hours a week; now I work about 25, yet I seem to get about the same amount done. The 18 methods and ideas I discuss in my program can truly change your life.  And it’s freakin’ FREE for a week (then $7.50 a month if you join for access to over 150 courses).

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