David Welch: Before we begin, I just wanted to let the Awaken community know how important Leonard Jacobson is to me, personally.


Although Awaken represents many highly gifted teachers and luminaries and I learn from all of them, Leonard has been my primary teacher for over a decade now. What I have gained through sitting in presence with him throughout these last 10 years is immeasurable – I have found that he gives me the clearest means and methods for awakening into this infinite, eternal, now, and for deepening my experience of true presence.

Awaken is not only devoted to our individual and collective awakening, but also to preserving and protecting this sacred planet, Mother Earth, which sustains us.

Issues like Global Warming and the Covid pandemic have brought to the forefront our interconnectedness, as well as the urgent need for a collective awakening.

Leonard, how do we align our individual awakening with our responsibility to the planet?

Source: AWAKEN