by Susan Helene Kramer: Ah, dear Holy Mother – Sri Sarada Devi. 100 years ago the world was benefiting by your holy physical presence, but I have found your work lives on today.
photo credit of Vedanta Temple by Susan KramerMy first contact with the life and story of Sri Sarada Devi was by visiting the Vedanta Temple in Montecito, California – just south of Santa Barbara.

The 45 acre temple grounds house 9 Sarada Convent nuns from the order she established after the passing of her spiritual husband, Sri Ramakrishna.

While visiting the bookstore on the temple grounds, one of the nuns told me the name Sarada is a shortened version of Saraswati – the goddess of music.

Sri Ramakrishna and Sri Sarada Devi enjoyed a spiritual marriage with devotion, but without physical consummation. Each in their own way followed Spirit’s dictates in leading a life that to this day benefits humanity.

Before Sri Ramakrishna’s passing in 1886, Sri Sarada Devi served her husband and his disciples. It was in widowhood that Sri Sarada Devi came into further prominence by serving more of the humanity at large.

She did not leave huge volumes of writings, but each phrase was a nugget of wisdom that will forever stand on its own.

What can we learn from her life of devotion and simplicity? Make every moment and every act one of meditation.

Sri Sarada Devi’s life example has been a constant reminder to me to be kind and caring every day in every way – to really put the softness and sweetness flowing from the meditative state to the test in serving the world with love.

On a personal note, my 5th child, who I named Sarada, was born 60 years from the date and time Sri Sarada Devi passed from this life.

Source: AWAKEN