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Making Our Dreams Come True Is Living A Truthful Life

by Dr. KD Farris: If the future is found in the present moment, it is in our hopes and dreams…


It’s in the goals we set for ourselves, the things we desire to do and be, and the mysteries unraveling from our dream state, our meditations, and those intuitive feelings within that we sense should not be ignored.

With the new year here and an atmosphere of resolution in the air, I thought we could explore this rich aspect of ourselves that we call our future and get a clearer view of how where we want to go, and what we want to do and be, can shape the present moment of our lives.

Most of us are focused on getting ahead from a survivor’s viewpoint, rather than from wonder and vision. It is why so many of us are in a miserable state while trying to get ahead. Simple restructuring of thought and conception can account for huge differences in our day-to-day experience. Raising our awareness of our hopes, our dreams, and our goals, is all the daily work needed to align our reality with that which we envision.


In pursuing goals, if we are to feel fulfilled and whole, we need to include a complete vision of ourselves. Health, happiness, freedom, support, family, community—all have a place in the vision; but if we don’t take the time to draw out this aspect, we can find ourselves ahead with much to hold, but little in our hearts.

Knowing our priorities sets the stage not only for the future to unfold but also for the present moment to form. When looking to make your dreams come true, ask yourself not only what you want to do or have, but how you dream of feeling and living, as well.

In making our dreams come true, our lifestyle and how we decide to behave not only colors the reach of our goals, but are critical elements in the overall fulfillment of our creations. A conscious workplace, for example, contributes to a successful business and spreads the vision of harmony between work, play, and home for all those doing business with you—be they employees, customers, or strategic partners.

For me, the present moment has always been filled with these kinds of priorities, and what I lacked in pursuing my dreams were the details of place, career, money and the like. Life moved gracefully ahead based on fleeting feelings and amorphous images. It was not until my late thirties that my goals became concrete. Likewise, I know many who have envisioned firm goals but have paid little attention to lifestyle and feelings. It is only as they approach a certain age that home, family and communication is addressed. But times are changing and the necessity for a marriage of the two is weaving its way into society—and more importantly, into your life. Now is the time to bring the quality of your future into the present moment so that you can create consciously and prosperously—with the same acts of will and intention—both your qualitative and quantitative desires.

You see, the thing about goals such as peace of mind, honest communication, and quality of life, is that the success of them is based entirely on your own actions. The rewards they bring build sense of self and self-esteem. Goals of attainment that we set for ourselves require hard work, yes, but also luck, timing, and a whole bag of skills that, even when executed perfectly, may not always bring the results desired. The process involved in reaching qualitative goals makes for riches that balance out the ups and downs of fortune and success; they bring sweet relief to any part of life, and make it easier to love yourself and others. And even this love of self will spill into a passion for making your dreams come true, because in loving yourself you discover your value, and through your value you will learn to believe that the realization of your dreams is not only possible, but well earned and well deserved.

Time Alone

There are places to go, things to complete, accomplishments we strive for that are waiting within to be planned, prioritized and taken into account. But much of this list takes some thinking through, and thinking through takes time alone.

Time set aside to be alone is time that will birth awareness. And awareness brings thinking through to a whole new level. If you fill your alone time with TV, pulp fiction, and telephone calls, you will miss the communication from your soul.

On a regular basis take time alone to stroll in the open air, sit quietly with your pets, or do some light gardening if you have that option available. At these times, your mind will empty and your dreams can arise. Note what passes through your mind and separate the inspiration from the worries. There are daydreams to be recorded that are worth their weight in gold: fantasies of faraway places, memories of childhood friends, impulses to do and go that otherwise lay dormant, never to see the light of your conscious mind.

Find a ritual that works for you and record these impressions—be it MESHE Charting, journaling, list making, or something else you’ve created or discovered for yourself. The dreams that arise from still and quiet time are the material that the present moment uses to build your future. All you have to do is get quiet enough to hear it, honest enough to repeat it, and brave enough to let it work on you.

What You Want To Do Before You Die

When you get to a certain age, you begin to understand how time works; that it will tick away, with or without your day being planned. 2020 has come and gone, whether we made any use of the time or not. 2021 will do the same.

Quite often the time it takes to do and make change or the threat to our homeostasis when we attempt something new and desirable, keeps us from putting these meaningful items on our “to do” list. But when we think of death, it puts life into perspective.

What are the things that you wish to do before you die? Are you willing to record these desires in spite of your beliefs that they cannot come true? Are you willing to wish to walk on the moon, create world peace, fly with the eagles?

What about the things that you want to make happen before the day you die? Things that you believe are possible if only you committed the time and effort, but you aren’t so sure you want to work that hard? Are you willing to admit that you want to run a marathon, hike the Amazon, or build a business of your own?

Not all of what we want to do before we die is so large or bold. Some things can be completed without leaving our homes. Perhaps we want to clean out the basement, organize the garage, or repaint the hallway? It’s frightening to think that something as simple as fixing a bathroom tile would have to be on a list of things to do before you die, but many a brave and honorable soul went to their grave with more than that undone. The question is simply to ask yourself if you want to get it done or not. Take it off your list if it isn’t where you want your thoughts, time and energy to go. But put it onto the list in bold letters if it is, so that it can be taken care of and you can move onto more heartfelt dreams.

Things you want to do before you die may also appear in sleep. I remember at one point, spending two years dreaming about walking alongside a body of water. One night, while still in the trance of sleep, I said to a character in my dream, “I must move to the ocean so that I can stop having all these water dreams!” And so I did—move to the ocean, that is—and the recurring dreams stopped.

In making your resolutions this year, how about adding to your list a commitment to dream, to ritualize what you discover, and to set aside as much fear as you are able so that you act in the world at the same level as you dream. This is something you can commit to in the present moment. And the more awareness of your hopes and dreams and goals that you have in the present moment, the more informed your actions will be—it is called living a truthful live.

Oh, yes… And don’t forget to include one very important item on your list of things to do before you die—BE HAPPY. The happiest of new years to you all!

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