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Why the Definition of Success Needs a Serious Face Lift

by Juliet Turalski:  When I hear the word success my mind goes haywire.


It’s funny how our minds begin to think of all the things we don’t have now, but think we want, because having them will determine how successful we are.

I call B.S., respectfully.

We’ve been brainwashed by a society that reflects a certain model of success that we are called as its citizens to strive for. This model is reflected through reality TV, quick weight-loss methods, and Big Macs that stands as the mirror of the society we have been brought up in. Not to mention, the commercial ads portraying the seemingly perfect house, perfect relationship, perfect family, perfect body, perfect vacations that we are told will grant us our happiness.

The irony, however, lies within the fact that no two human beings have the same version of “perfect.”

Perfection is something we create out of our own experiences, and no two experiences are perfectly alike.

So really, there are 7 billion different ideas of perfect, attesting to the idea that perfection is an illusion. One that we’ve convinced ourselves is real because society assigns a kind of perfect that is in our face around the clock.

What happens when we unconsciously buy into our society’s success model is that our thoughts stay in lack, making us feel that we are not enough, and we need this or that to feel whole again.

The illusion has survived because we have kept the fallacy alive in our minds and continue to take action as though this was the true model for success.

I bet your ego mind wants to bite my head off at this point.

But I invite you to take a breath and consider this…

If you’re hanging on the whim of society’s definition of success — you’re always going to be chasing something that does not exist.

True success stems from how we feel now.

I’m talking about a new sustainable formula for success that allows you to embrace everything you are today. It is for you to recognize the infinite pool of choices that you can make on a day-to-day basis that determine how successful you are.

Savor. Your. Moments. Make choices and take action that steer you toward what makes you feel larger than life, because in reality, you already are that.

4 Steps to Give Success a Face Lift

1. Acknowledge Your Abundance
Look at everything you have been given, received, or grown up with throughout your life. Now, check into this present moment and notice your surroundings and all of the positives you’ve experienced. Do you have a mattress to sleep on? Let’s start there. You will find your list growing in no time.

2. Feel Your Way to Success
You’re a human being, which means you experience feelings on a moment-to-moment basis. The thing to realize is that you are not defined by your feelings. A feeling is simply your body experiencing energy moving. So when you feel something, you actually have a choice as to how to react to this. Fine tune your thoughts with self-loving affirmations, despite whatever feelings come up for you, to use your feelings to your advantage.

3. Bond With Your intuition
This one may take a little work, but I promise it’s worth it. Creating a relationship with your intuition allows you to check into what’s really going on with you at any given moment. It calls for you to stop the mental and societal chatter, and instead, practice listening to the subtle messages that your body is giving you. The more action you take with your intuition as your sidekick, the more profound your experience will be.

4. Censor Your Media Intake
News channels, TV, commercial ads, etc. Cut the time you spend in these areas in half! Where your focus goes, your energy flows. So instead of being stifled by all the jazz in the media, start focusing on your choices and the actions you are ready to take with your newfound power and success formula.

The journey to freedom and true success doesn’t start later, it’s happening now.

Having many zeroes on a check or the cool, convertible car to drive in is all well and fun, but it does not define you.

You are an infinite being with infinite possibilities whether you have $1 or $100,000,000. My hope is that by reading this you are inspired to redefine your definition of success so you can begin to lead your absolute best life today – wherever you are.

When you change the way you live your life, society shifts with you.

When you feel your freedom now and choose to express yourself to your authentic bone, you have truly mastered success.

Cheers to you!


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