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The most effective ways to reach enlightenment, nonduality, awakening, etc. – Dr. Jeffery Martin

In this video Dr. Jeffery Martin shares what our scientific research with over 1,000 people who experience

various forms of persistent non-symbolic experience have taught us about enlightenment, nonduality, and awakening, and how we’re able to help over 70% people reach these types of ongoing experience. Dr. Jeffery Martin-awaken

 This video talks about Persistent Non-Symbolic Experience (PNSE). Some traditions have referred to forms of PNSE as enlightenment, nonduality, persistent mystical states, transcendental consciousness, union with God, the peace that passeth understanding, and so forth.

For over a decade I have led the core scientific effort into understanding PNSE through psychology, cognitive science, and neuroscience. Thousands of research participants around the world, from all major religions and spiritual systems have contributed to our research – as have collaborators at dozens of universities.

Our findings have allowed us to reach the core of what has been pointed to for thousands of years, stripping away the additional components that were added by various traditions. It’s important to note that PNSE is not limited to traditional spiritual and religious interpretations. Many atheists and agnostics also experience forms of it.

Background For the last 3 years, we have been remarkably successful in helping people reach PNSE. Through our research protocol, the “Finders Course,” you can get the remarkable wellbeing and other profound psychological benefits that have been historically associated with states such as enlightenment, persistent mysticism, and nonduality – without it taking years and having to follow a bunch of religious or spiritual dogma.

The Finders Course is a first-of-its-kind course that helps people transition to Persistent Non-Symbolic Experience (PNSE) rapidly, safely, and reliably. The course is 100% secular and built on data from the world’s largest scientific research project in this area, which included over 1,000 participants on 6 continents. Research showed that using it, 73% of people got there in 4 months or less. And, only 1% of people who took the program failed to experience it at all.

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