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The Significance of Self-Importance

It is much easier to notice traits in others than in ourselves…


So the first step is to become aware of when we are engaging self-pity, masquerading as something else. It is only by bringing what we do unconsciously into our conscious awareness, that we then have the ability to change our routines.

One area to bring into our awareness is our habitual use of language as a gauge of self-importance/self-pity.

Self-Importance reveals itself in our inner and outer dialogue, our descriptions of ourselves, others and our world. When we are constantly searching for ways in which to be offended… when we find ourselves complaining about things not being “right”,  when we are consistently judging the people around us, complaining and blaming them for their apparent offenses contributing to our perceived plight… we are in the grip of self-pity.

When we find ourselves in the grip of self-pity, we are drawing a comparison to some belief, some “standard” from our past; our personal history.

“In order to help his ward to erase personal history, the warrior as a teacher teaches three techniques: losing self-importance, assuming responsibility for one’s acts, and using death as an advisor.”

Once in the grip, self-importance/self-pity gains a powerful foothold in our life because it fabricates the illusion that it is serving us.

It makes us feel powerful, creating the illusion of control. It makes us feel righteous; that our world view is THE right one. It makes us feel important, confirming our status in society. It gives us permission not to question our beliefs, making life “easier” by not needing to look beyond the facade.

When someone would ask Carlos Castaneda if he was disappointed in their actions, he would reply: “How can I be. No one ‘appointed’ me?”

When we indulge ourselves as self-appointed judge and jury, it provides the mortar cementing us in the prison of our one single reality. It places responsibility outside of ourselves, therefore placing the ability to change outside of ourselves as well.

It shuts down meaningful relationships with others, separating us from the world in which we live.

It necessitates the upholding of an identity; a fabricated story of who we believe that we are.

It closes off our connecting link with something greater than ourselves; Infinity, God, Universe, etc.

Self-importance/self-pity falsely places our notion of ourself above or below others. It creates a false sense of superiority, and/or powerlessness and victimhood.

Buying into self-importance/self-pity can lead one to falsely believing that there are no viable options, other than the ones we currently hold, even to the point of one falsely believing that our only option is to end it all.

“The thrust of the warriors’ way is to dethrone self-importance. And everything warriors do is directed toward accomplishing this goal.”  

To begin dethroning your self-importance entails taking ownership of yourself and your life. When you take personal responsibility for your thoughts, behavior and beliefs, you are taking the first steps towards dethroning self-importance.

The next step is to begin changing your habitual thinking, language and actions/reactions. Changing your stories, erasing your personal history, your descriptions of what is… what it should/ought to be… will clear the way for more and better options, along with increased energy in which to pursue them.

Carol Tiggs often reminds us that: “Most people are in the caboose of life’s train, intent upon looking backwards at their lives, instead of in the front of the train, focusing, scanning and perceiving what lies ahead.” 

While it is possible to make progress with losing self-importance, assuming responsibility for one’s acts, and using death as an advisor on your own, it is very difficult to accomplish by yourself. Dethroning one’s self-importance is a such an important and fundamental process, guidance from those Carlos Castaneda trained is prudent.

Carlos Castaneda and other students of Don Juan Matus created Cleargreen, Inc., to make this transformative work, widely available, and authentically as close to the source of the work as possible. 

You can find more information concerning Cleargreen’s Online, In-Person and Certification programs via the links below.

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“The spirit of a warrior is not geared to indulging and complaining, nor is it, geared to winning or losing. The spirit of a warrior is geared only to struggle, and every struggle is a warriors last battle on earth. Thus the outcome matters very little to him. In his last battle on earth a warrior lets his spirit flow free and clear. And as he wages his battle, knowing that his intent is impeccable, a warrior laughs and laughs.”

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