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Fitness Exercises You Can Do At Home

Part of most life extension routines involves keeping your body fit. Here are a great set of great exercises from our friends at FitPundit you can do in your own home…


Keeping fit doesn’t have to mean expensive gym memberships or that you need to pile up your house with bulky fitness equipment. In many cases, you can always begin at home, and gain the most without much of an investment. Sometimes, it might not be just possible for you to hit the gym for myriads of reasons, and if you are really keen you can continue with your workout and build strength and muscle right from your home.

Push Ups

It might be a good idea to start using your own body weight to build strength in your arms. If you never have done pushups it is going to take some time, but eventually try doing 12 reps with intervals of 60 seconds. They are great for your arms, wrists, and biceps and also fairly decent for your legs.

Push Ups

If you get into a pike position, that is, arms straight, legs straight and hips in the air, rest your feet on an elevated surface, you are about to begin a foot-elevated push up. It further adds the gravity into play and strengthens muscles in your arms.

Split Squat Jump

This is a combination of splits, squats and jumps in order to build a simple yet effective combo for a whole body workout. You need to start with one leg on the ground and the other in the air, as in a split stance, and explode into the air. Just when you are about to hit the ground, switch between your legs and repeat the whole procedure. You might continue it for 2 minutes with an interval of a few seconds. The longer you can take you will build your stamina in a gradual fashion. This is a great alternative to using a mini stepper or a squat machine at the gym.

Split Squat Jump

Spiderman Routine

This is a combo of pushups and crawls designed keeping in mind the flexibility of “Spiderman” and the inherent goodness in it.

Spiderman Routine

The Spiderman Crawl is where you start in a push-up position and begin to crawl forward with large steps using your right arm and left leg, at the same time. Try to get low and bring your left knee as close as possible to the right elbow while crawling. Repeat this with the alternate arm and leg and continue the whole procedure for 6 sets. You can take an interval of 30 seconds if you feel fatigued.

The Spiderman Pushups begin with the usual push-up position. As you lean forward and low, bring your left knee as close to your left elbow with your head held high. This is repeated with the other arm and leg and the whole set is continued.

Overall, this three are the most complete fitness exercises that teach your whole body at the same time. It builds muscles, strength and also stamina.

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