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Shamanic Alchemy & The Hieros Gamos

by James Endredy & Rev. Devi Grace: Life’s twin flames to transmute global conflict and rebalance humanity.

Part 1: Alchemy is the art and embodied science of transformation

In modern times the comprehensiveness of the alchemic art offers us innumerous insights into a wide spectrum of topics and disciplines including alternative healing, psychology and parapsychology, spirituality, art, sociology, and quantum physics, to name a few. But remember, whether the alchemic subject is herbs, minerals, elements, or sociology, medicine, psychology, or shamanism, or even our own physical body, mind or etheric body, alchemy is always about creative transformation; changing something that is inferior, imperfect, or unacceptable into something that is better, more perfect, and closer to what we desire.

This month our entire Family Tree of Life is collectively facing significant international struggles and global challenges that we are witnessing escalate in the Middle East. Therefore, numerous deeply concerned hearts worldwide are calling for solutions that are alternatively and alchemically inspired for social, political, ancestral, archetypal and species transformation.  We are at a crossroads, and the human race is being stretched into identifying necessary pathways of consciousness to navigate out of these cumulative patterns and old programs of conflict also known as aggression templates. Now the highest invitation is to spark our evolution into new coherent partnership systems such as what Dr. Riane Eilser, JD – known as the “Mother of Partnerism”– educates and advocates around our planet.

We are each serving as hospice workers for deconstructing the Old Earth’s polarity and simultaneously being midwives for our new unity Paradigm – as peacebuilding activist and author James O’Dea has coined it. For the composite World Soul is asking for its’ shamanic midwives to emerge to fill the great void that still exists between the traditional operating system of a human personality or identity and life’s illuminated divine operating system or alchemical blueprint.

Part 2: Shamanic death and Multi-dimensional rebirth:

Because Creation’s real Twin Flame Quantum Physics is the ultimate balancing of the two primal forces of creation: the divine feminine energy and the divine masculine energy, many individuals will be required to let go of or die to their old spiritual belief systems and outdated perceptions of these ancient mysteries that have been significantly misunderstood. A twin flame Hieros Gamos FIELD is not between genders, but rather, primordial forces or dynamic charges. This electromagnetic plasma bond is present in every act of holographic replication from SOURCE, from the origination of star systems right down to the most miniscule subatomic levels. Therefore, if we are to completely embrace the Great Matrimony of the Sun King and the Moon Queen and all the holy unions of all complimentary opposites, we must be willing to surrender all previous interpretations of this Great Rite Chalice and Athame between both solar God and lunar Goddess.

Shamanic Alchemy Art 1-awaken

In order to transmute the gross external polarities we are seeing ramp up on the world stage there is an auspicious opportunity on this Twin Eleven Gateway to experience the death of horizontal concepts and rise above the previous definitions to embrace a far more vertical relationship to Hierogamic Consciousness. Both sides of the 11:11 altar must look up to the Mother Father Source Code Energy to bring about the ultimate fusion of co-atomic forces or harmonic scalar waves which then serves to harmonize the light/day and dark/night ends of our entire spectrum. In other words the Heart-Womb vortex of a Twin FlameALCHEMY can purify a tremendous amount of duality by re-qualifying discordant frequencies back to Eternal First Creation through our Universe’s origin al Laws of Grace.

With significant amplification this synthesized balance can even redirect these pervasive ancestral pain-bodies at odds with each other in the Arabian Peninsula back to Zero Point also known as Grace Point. For in that space of the prima materia’s pregnant emptiness, a far more advanced multi-dimensional fabric is miraculously woven together as all the trans-generationals trauma or fragments are purged. The resulting shamanic rebirth can move us into a state of pure awe and wonder because it’s ultimately a gift of LOVE from our Supernal Creator and Creatrix or Archetypal Heavenly Parents.

Part 3: Symbiotic Microcosm and Macrocosm

The necessary rebalancing of these longstanding systemic issues in our database or catalog of duality will also require embracing the more integrated cosmology of man/woman being a microcosm of the universal macrocosm. This ancient perspective of man/woman being created of the four elements and that the heavenly bodies are within us (astral body) was illustrated inside of Paracelsus’s texts:

            “Since man/woman is a child of the cosmos, and is himself/herself the microcosm, he must be begotton, each time anew, by his mother. And just as he/she was created by the four elements of the world even in the beginning, even so he/she will be created in the future again and again… Thus life in the world is life in the matrix (i.e. the womb). The child in the maternal body lives in the firmament and outside the mother’s body it lives in the outer firmament… The inner stars of man/woman are in their properties, kind and mature, by their course and position, like his/her outer stars and different only in form and in material. For as regards their nature, it is the same in the ether and in the microcosm of man/woman… Man consists of the four elements, not only – as some hold – because he/she has four tempers, but also because he/she partakes of the nature, essence, and properties of these elements. In him there lies the “young heaven”, that is to say, all the planets are part of man/woman’s structure and they are children of the great heaven which is their father/mother. For man/woman was created from heaven and earth, and is therefore like them.”

This is why these symbiotic circuits call forth the true presence of life’s Divine Child – which is the unified grace of the tri-wave pattern that every Hieros Gamos pathway designs. We know of Carl Jung’s Anima and Animus within the psyche of every soul, and the most vital aspect to nurture within us all is that Quantum Fusion point known as trinitized light. The synthesis is exactly where these love grids merge prior discrepancies to reveal an entirely renewed mosaic of wholeness.

Shamanic Alchemy Art 2-awaken

Part 4: Embracing One’s Azoth of Alchemy

To establish this embodiment of wholeness we can enter into the grander scheme of the Hieros Gamos by opening ourselves to the 7 stages of the Azoth of Alchemy. The following list is seven gateways of transformation that the ancient alchemists have given us to open our energy fields and be directly connected to Universal Infinite Source.

  • Stage One: Calcination – Fire
  • Stage Two: Dissolution – Water
  • Stage Three – Separation
  • Stage Four – Conjunction
  • Stage Five – Fermentation
  • Stage Six – Distillation
  • Stage Seven – Coagulation
  • The Alchemic Altar of Center – Coagulation of the Astral Body

By entering into a cumulative Sacred Union with these numinous practices one can co-creatively merge with a higher octave of awareness to resolve humanity’s old behavior patterns of conflict. We outgrow separation consciousness by exploring these alternative modes of realizing our true essence and nature so that we may uncover the multi-dimensional potential of our full holographic field. In this way we transform old archetypal behavior patterns that have been imprinted upon us so that we may rise and mature beyond the pervasive hypnotism that has resulted in matrix power struggles.

When we witness the seven pointed star (heptagon) of Azoth we merge around an Altar of Center so that we may embark upon a new journey of exploration into the Hierogamic Holy of Holies.

Shamanic Alchemy Art 3-awaken

Part 5: Our Planetary Quintessence – the Core of Gaia’s 11:11 Altar of Creation

Along with the Azoth mandala we have the sacred depictions of the primary qualities that constitute the fundamental building blocks of the combined fabric of existence. The four aspects of Solid/Earth ~ Liquid/Water ~ Gaseous/Air ~ Radiant/Etheric all combine to form an amalgamated symbol for aether or Unity. This 6 pointed geometric pattern is also known as the Star of David or the quintessence which is the power of life that binds everything together as one spiritual core at the heart of all things.

Shamanic Alchemy Art 4-awaken

In this center of centers Supernal Mother/Father/Union’s original Alchemical Marriage reveals its luminous pearls for the holy nectars of pure “Source Code” substance. As you can see in the artwork Earth and Water are portrayed as descending triangles and Fire and Air are depicted as ascending. Together these two sets of twins dance and fuse into the heavenly Fifth Element that holds life’s primordial CODES to birth our planet’s tantric destiny.

Shamanic Alchemy Art 5-awaken

In this sense, Gaia Sophia (Earth) is a sleeping beauty awaiting the mystical nashak or kiss of love’s shared breath so that the all-encompassing cosmic life force may Breathe Her into the Bridal Chamber of AWAKENING. Select wisdom traditions from across the ages are also cognizant that this astronomical dispensation of Grace is a pre-ordained truth for our entire biosphere. So, on this double eleven pathway of interconnected masculine and feminine in conscious communion, remember that every one of us can step up to assist the process! This 11.11 Alter of Creation has always been calling to the Father/Mother Beloveds to pour their mutual love’s infusion straight into the inner sanctum of our Gaian Mainframe. Now it’s our opportunity to interactively support this miracle as we gather to bear witness to the re-wilding of Terra Nova’s regenerative grids of Origins Source-Light.

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