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How to Live Abundantly after Self-Realization

by Christine Horner: Congratulations! You have awakened to your true nature, Oneness with God/Creation.


You may or may not still be in the honeymoon phase..  If you’re not sure, symptoms range widely, including, but not limited to: A general disinterest in most everything you were interested in before; a lack of desire to engage in unnecessary busy-ness and activity; a heightened sense of awareness that includes the recognition of the insanity of the rest of the world; an acute kinship with Nature; exuding an aura of being in love, with no one in particular, but with the same yearning to lie around and do nothing but simply BE LOVE!

Self-realization, essentially, is when you become conscious of being conscious, or moving out of separation consciousness into unity consciousness. Usually it is preceded by a “dark night of the soul,” or some type of hardship that acts as a catalyst. As awakening is the falling away of personal limitation so that consciousness can expand, restrictive beliefs and social constructs are the first things to go. A common concern for the self-realized individual is how to live abundantly within the desire for full immersion into the Oneness with God experience. You may be asking how the Universe will take care of your needs.

Creation is designed to thrive—and that includes you. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean it will look like your current situation and expectations. What you perceive as needs and what’s best for you are from a limited point of view, crafted mainly from your personal experience within your local culture and conditioning. Let’s take a look at why those undergoing the transformation into unity consciousness undergo the shared challenge of living abundantly during and after.


Humanity was born out of this spectacular, living organism called Earth. As we inhabited our home planet initially in a state of harmony, abundance flowed freely, provided one learned to align with the cyclical rhythms of Nature. As humans grew in technological sophistication, and because of our dualistic nature, we went on to develop unnatural societal structures separating us from Nature, disallowing self-sustainability, as we became a dependent, power-over hierarchy that has made it difficult for humans to thrive.

You may be one of the many initiates to have been hugely disappointed and even shocked to lose all forms of security in your life while on your spiritual journey—your home, your status in the community, career, and maybe even the ability to hold down a regular job. Friends may have judged you harshly, blaming you for your problems. Why is God allowing this to happen to me?

Dependence is not interdependence, which is the natural order of a cooperative Universe. If you expected that the Universe would continue to support the unnatural, man-made competitive chaos you were submerged in—no, mostly likely not. Why? Because what man has created is not self-sustainable.

However, the Universe is always supporting you. Meaning you may or may not be “homeless” if your ability to pay the bills falls away (not a bad thing), but you will be fed and sheltered in due course. The fearful part of us that has been conditioned against what is natural will be subjected to those still living in the old paradigm who will find fault and judgment with you no longer participating in the insanity of a dependent society until you embrace your co-creative part in the Universal play/dance as if you’d chosen it.

This can be very challenging for you, and if you have a family who didn’t ask to join you on your expedition into higher consciousness (at least not consciously), it can be extremely difficult. It’s not uncommon for the old separation paradigm to be so distasteful after the transition that old careers are left by the wayside.


Interdependence means we nurture and support each other, harmonizing with the ebb and flow of all aspects of life. There will be periods of your life when you will be in the physical service of others, and other times when your activity will become still, in a state of BEing, the vibrational resonance of Love. (BEing and Doing are two sides of the same coin—a concept third dimensional consciousness, or separation consciousness is unable to comprehend.

Though, it may feel like you will never desire to do much of anything again, the feeling does pass and eventually you begin to move. What you do is not as important as the intention behind it. Are you fully present, with a giving heart? In reality, being in service of others (which is really being in service of Self) has no “levels” of distinction, nor hierarchy.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help – Enlightened or not, those souls who will be your support system can beright in front of you; sometimes the ones you least expect. You may need help with shelter, food, and more. You ask for help knowing that one day you will offer it, the circle of life personified. It is only in separation consciousness that asking for help is seen as a sign of weakness—in actuality it is a sign of strength.

Uncover Your Inner Genius/Life’s Purpose – If you haven’t yet, begin discovery work on your unique energetic signature known as your life’s purpose by exploring what you are passionate about and enjoy doing. Your life’s purpose isn’t about money, but it is inextricably linked to working cooperatively with the Universe so that you may thrive and be abundant.

Seek Out and/or Create Cooperative Community – Now that you wish to reside fully in Mind/Body/Spirit, you may feel led to seek out and/or create a local interdependent community. Ashrams, shambalas, cooperative communities, etc. have existed around the globe for thousands of years. When in the presence of these advanced consciousness souls, your needs will be provided for without discrimination, guilt or shame. You may work within these communities part or full-time, or some communities may offer you respite as you fully integrate into Unity Consciousness.

To be ready and willing to let go of unnatural societal dependence on your way to becoming a sovereign being in union with all of Creation/God is an act of great courage. Most don’t willingly (consciously) do so, but are led down this path as part of their spiritual journey by their super-conscious—no two experiences exactly alike.

When every one of your fears finally falls away, then you will truly be free. Until then, it can be a quite a roller coaster ride. Breathe. Absorb the twists and turns, highs and lows, by relaxing into your body, rather than resisting. Follow the energy wherever it takes you. Just when you can’t take it anymore, open your heart even wider, as if you have no choice. For, the truth is, the choice was already made.

About the Author

Awakening the Miraculous in You… Author, publisher and humanitarian, Christine Horner, is dedicated to the advancement of human consciousness. Christine is the author of the ground-breaking WHAT IS GOD? ROLLING BACK THE VEIL, nominated for the 2014 Dayton Literary Peace Prize, merging science and spirituality. Upcoming book releases include The Power of Unity Consciousness and debut novel,

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