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Brad Pitt portrays Dr. Anthony Fauci on “Saturday Night Live”

Brad Pitt portrayed Dr. Anthony Fauci in the second at-home episode of “Saturday Night Live,” Brad Pitt portrayed Dr. Anthony Fauci-awaken

that featured musical guest Miley Cyrus, an Adam Sandler cameo and plenty of disinfectant jokes.

A bespectacled Pitt, speaking in Fauci’s raspy voice, tried to recast false assurances and misstatements pitched by President Donald Trump during the pandemic, for instance when Trump said there’d be a COVID-19 vaccine “relatively soon. ”

“Relatively soon is an interesting phrase. Relative to the entire history of earth? Sure, the vaccine is going to come real fast,” said Pitt’s Fauci, seated at a desk behind a stately bookcase. “But if you were going to tell a friend, ‘I’ll be over relatively soon’ and then showed up a year and a half later, well, your friend may be relatively pissed off.”

he episode was the show’s second “quarantine edition,” with pre-recorded segments at actors’ homes delving into the frustrations and touchstones of quarantine life, but, of course, with an SNL twist.

Sandler and Pete Davidson teamed up to mock being cooped up with family for a musical duet called “Stuck In The House,” another sketch featured a Zoom version of “Law and Order” and another poked fun at zealous fitness moved online during the pandemic with one boasting of “eating clean” by preparing a “Clorox juice” cleanse.

Cyrus, sitting fireside with a guitar, performed Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here.”

Pitt’s depiction followed a Fauci interview on CNN when he jokingly said he thought Pitt should portray him when he was asked to chose between Ben Stiller or Pitt. The cold open also featured Mr. Trump’s far-fetched statements earlier this week about disinfectant and light being studied in the fight against the virus.


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