Think Again: God


Karen Armstrong:  November, 2009 As causalities from the world’s religious wars mount, God is getting a bad reputation.

Dr. Andrew Weil’s Eating Well Plan

Dr. Andrew Weil-awaken

by Maria Adams, MS, MPH, RD: Overview  In his book, Eating Well for Optimum Health , Dr. Andrew Weil advocates eating what he considers “the optimum diet.”

Dakini: The Goddess Who Takes Form as a Woman

Yeshe Tsogyal-awaken

by Vicki Noble: The Tibetan Buddhist Dakini is a compelling icon of untamed female freedom. Like a trickster or the Fool in a Tarot deck, the dakini releases blockages in the energy field and melts frozen patterns, so that the door of the mind is suddenly ajar and something new can enter.

Aristotle’s Warning


by Ed Kaitz: From its origins in Athens some 2,500 years ago, it has been obvious to some astute observers that democracy, like all other forms of government, carries with it a certain type of energy. 

Michelangelo meets Carl Rogers

Carl Rogers-awaken

Michelangelo Buonarroti (1475 – 1564) presumably said that of his creations, such as his sculptures of David and Moses,

Andrew Weil: Guided Meditation

Dr. Andrew Weil-awaken

Dr. Andrew Weil explains guided meditation and the importance of breathing exercises to achieve more balance in your life.

Religion, Science and Mysticism in Teilhard de Chardin

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin-awaken

[Teilhard’s] vision of love is a spirituality that celebrates the oneness of creation, a spirituality that acknowledges love as the clearest understanding we have of God, of ourselves, of history, and of the cosmos. – David Tracy, theologian

The Non-Punitive Society

B. F. Skinner-awaken

by B. F. Skinner: In my address to the Japanese Psychological Association on Sunday, I pointed to the importance of cultural practices