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The Reality of Soulmates – Dr. Georgina Cannon

by Dr. Georgina Cannon: There are two additional overarching categories of relationships that people always want to know about. Dr. Georgina Cannon is a hypnotist and a life coach.The questions go something like this: “Is there a perfect mate out there for me?” or “Will I meet my Soul Mate?” These are interesting questions.   I answer this question in greater detail in my new book RETURN AGAIN, published by Red Wheel Weiser, but let’s take a quick overview of the issues around the longing for a soul mate.

The  soul  reason most relationships exist is  so that you can work on your spiritual self and your karma!  And by relationships I mean all of them.  Relationships with your work colleagues, your family, your friends and your lovers.

My work in the clinic over the past 17 years has shown that the one connector to all relationships is ourself.  So with that said, the more you clear up issues for yourself, the more you ARE the ‘right’ person, the more you will attract the people you are looking for to live and love in harmony and joy.

Soul Mates are other souls that have agreed to connect with you on this planet for a purpose. In some cases it is to clear up karma, in other cases it is to finish unfinished business, and for some it is to accomplish a particular life goal together. These relationships may be a joy to be in or these relationships may be a pain in your life. Either way they are here for a reason.

Soul Mate relationships may last a lifetime and others may only be for a particular purpose and be temporary. You can have more than one Soul Mate in a lifetime

When Soul Mates first meet they sometimes feel as if they already know each other. They may feel very familiar to each other. Soul Mates can have a beautiful relationship together, but it will take work.

All Soul Mate relationships contain passion.  And that passion can be positive or negative.  It can shed sunlight on your soul or cause drama and negativity.  (Yes, your ex could be a soul mate – and that rancorous divorce you’re experiencing could be your soul lesson!)

If your soul mate – the soul to teach you, is negative, it’s worth remembering that you have probably shared a life with them before, in which you could be the negative unhappy person, so that in addition to you learning to process and release negativity, the folks who shared your life, hopefully learned forgiveness and acceptance.

It’s worth remembering,  all relationships serve a purpose and should be honored and appreciated for what they have to offer you in your personal spiritual growth. Thank the person and the experiences for all that you have had the opportunity to learn and clear. Know that ALL relationships are sacred, because they are part of your higher self learning – that you will eventually take back to your Soul Circle.

Dr. Georgina Cannon is an award-winning board certified clinical hypnotist and was the founder of the Ontario Hypnosis Centre,  She is recognized as the “public face” of hypnosis in Canada and a respected member of the mainstream health community. Dr. Cannon has been a frequent guest in the media, and her work and views have gained her prominence as a frequent source for news and feature articles on hypnosis and alternative therapies.

Before starting her hypnosis career in 1997, Georgina Cannon was the Managing Director, Senior Vice President of Burson-Marsteller Canada, responsible for the four offices in Canada and prior to that, the founder and General Manager of its spin-off, Cohn & Wolfe public relations. Georgina spent 23 years in corporate communications and journalism before making the decision to change careers.

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