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The Naked Truth: 11 Benefits of Sleeping Naked

Are you wearing more than your birthday suit to bed? You could be missing out on some serious benefits from sleeping the old fashioned way: buck naked…


According to sleep experts, you should be getting about 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night. Must must be nice — for a lot of us, those hours are reserved only for weekends or after a few glasses of wine.

But, sleep is vital to being a functional human being and not on the hot mess express. If nighttime nudity gets you one step closer to better shut-eye, why not give it a go? (We all need as much help as we can get.)

Here are 11 ways getting naked when catching some Zzz’s can benefit you in the bedroom and beyond.

1. You’ll sleep better

Numerous studies have shown that getting some shut-eye in low temperatures does wonders for your sleep. So, it’s a no-brainer that sleeping au natural would help you get a better snooze.

The National Sleep Foundation sets the best bedroom temperature for a good night’s sleep at around 60 to 67°F (15.6 to 19.4°C).

If you sleep naked, you’re going to cool down even more, which can help you sleep better and reach that coveted deep sleep phase. Your skin is naturally really good at insulating itself and your body temperature drops to promote sleep.

review article on sleep and temperature found that your skin’s ability to lose heat actually increases if your environment is warmed up, most likely because your body already has a lower core temperature while sleeping.

So, is temperature the reason you often wake up kicking off your covers? You betcha. Your body wants to cool down! A 2012 study found that bed covers and clothing disturbed sleep in the young and elderly when they were exposed to heat.

Turn down that thermostat and get naked!

2. You’ll fall asleep faster

Lower body temperature also helps you hit the hay faster. Your body temperature affects your circadian rhythm, which is a fancy term for the cycle that tells you when to sleep and when to wake up (or sleep in) the next morning.

This biological clock is what helps you move through the four stages of sleep that are vital for a blissful night’s sleep.

Numerous studies have linked insomnia to skin and body temperature. A study that looked at insomnia and temperature found that those with insomnia had a much higher core body temperature than those getting plenty of sleep.

3. It may ward off disease

Sleep is a super important part of recharging your body to do its whole survival thing. If you get better sleep by sleeping in the nude, this could impact your health.

If you don’t get enough sleep, your immune system takes a hit, making you more susceptible to those nasty office bugs your co-workers keep spreading (Wash your hands, Steve!).

Getting great, naked sleep can also help prevent other internal diseases. If you feel like you’re never getting sleep, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says you could also be at risk of health issues like:

  • depression
  • type 2 diabetes
  • heart disease
  • obesity

4. It can get you that glow

Getting some bare beauty rest can also help improve your skin.

Sleep helps collagen production, which helps give you youthful glowing skin. If you’re not getting enough sleep your cortisol levels also rise, which not only stresses you the eff out but also messes with collagen production.

2018 study also found that participants who got some good shut-eye had skin wounds that healed faster than those who were sleep-deprived or received extra nutrients.

Again, better sleep is key here. But, if that comes from being naked, I think we’d all strip down for a better complexion.

5. You’ll notice improvements to your mental health

Better sleep courtesy of getting naked can help calm your stress levels, making you less likely to experience anxiety, and could boost your mental health.

Remember that cortisol we mentioned? This stress hormone that rises when you miss out on some Zzz’s really messes with your sleep.

Higher stress levels also start a nasty cycle of hurting your sleep and make you more susceptible to insomnia. Additionally, studies have found there’s a link between sleep and depression.

2014 study even found a correlation between bad sleep and a higher suicide rate.

6. It could rev up your metabolism

Burning calories while you sleep?! Where do we sign up.

Technically you can’t skip the healthy eating and exercise on this one, but sleeping naked could help aid in weight loss by getting your body temperature down.

month-long study that looked at the effect of bedtime temperatures and fat on a group of men, found that dudes in cooler temperatures gained more brown fat and increased their metabolism.

What’s special about brown fat is it’s designed to help regulate your body temperature and burns calories for energy.

7. You’ll notice a healthier vagina (if you have one)

Keep your bits happy with some nighttime ventilation. If you’re prone to yeast infections, going commando at night can help free your vagina of its moist (eck, we know) and non-breathing panty environment.

Undies that are snug, sweaty, or just plain damp (it’s gross but natural) are a breeding ground for those bummer yeast infections.

Try throwing your cares and panties away before you hit the sheets if your vag needs some self-care.

8. It can spike male fertility

It’s no secret that male fertility is on the decline, and part of this theory is because guys are heating the crap out of the family jewels with tight underwear.

2018 study on male fertility found that guys who wore boxers had way higher sperm concentration and total sperm count compared to those who wore a tighter style.

While many studies have shown a link between sleep and sperm count, a study of 953 Danish men found there’s also an association between bad sleep and semen quality that should be studied further.

Participants who dealt with more sleep disturbances had a 29 percent lower sperm concentration as well as a very minor instance of low-quality sperm (1.6 percent).

Dudes, give your berries a cool-down and try sleeping in the buff. Free-balling can help lower the temperature of your testicles, which could help your sperm count and quality.

9. It’s an opportunity to feel closer to your partner

Sleeping naked next to your partner can help strengthen your bond as a couple thanks to the “cuddle hormone” oxytocin that is released from skin-to-skin contact.

Studies have found oxytocin is released during positive interactions between humans, and makes people feel less stressed and just plain good. This feeling also makes you feel more bonded with your partner. This could be from cuddling or sex for those in relationships.

10. You’ll have more sex

If you’re already sleeping naked, why not enjoy some activities before you set off for dreamland? Sleeping naked is pretty much a straight shot to more sex.

You’ve already got the clothes out of the way and those hormones are going to start gearing up with a warm, naked body next to you. And that’s not even the science of it, that’s just convenience.

11. Boosted self-esteem and positive body image

Nudists always seem to really be feeling themselves. But, is this actually from the freeing experience of exposing where the sun don’t shine?

Before you become one with nature and board a VW bus to spread body peace in the name of nudity, you could just sleep naked to fall in love with your body.

We’ll admit it, the idea that sleeping naked can help improve your self-esteem and body image is a little woo-woo. But, there’s some science to the theory that nakedness brings happiness.

study that looked at nudists and those who were naked in large groups found higher rates of people with positive body image. Researchers believe this boost in self-esteem was because their bodies were seen by others and accepted as they are.

Getting a look at your own body, free of judgment before you go to sleep and when you wake up, could offer you a chance to reconnect with self-love.

The (bare) bottom line

Sleeping naked is most likely not the cure-all to your sleep issues, but it can lead to better sleep, which offers a ton of health benefits and disease prevention.

If you’re trying to make a baby or just get it on more often, sleeping in the buff can also help you out. Your nether regions will be in better shape for mattress dancing, and you’re conveniently already disrobed (you’re welcome!).

So, try ditching those matchy PJ’s and save them for your lazy Sunday mornings. It could lead to better sleep, health, and sex.

Source: Greatist


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