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Cameli Ardagh I am in with both feet!

by Cameli Ardagh:  I used to think of commitment as limitation, that if I chose one thing then I would miss out on other options.


Especially in relationship. If I would choose one man then I will miss out on other men.

We hear it all the time: commitment and freedom are polarities, they are opposites.

In my experience that is not so. At all.

In my experience, commitment has opened up to a greater freedom than I could ever ever have imagined while I was sitting on the fence.
Commitment has opened up to deeper and deeper levels of communion with that creative force, always available to us. As long as we say yes. Say yes and jump, willingly moving into those unknown places. We don’t know where it will lead us in advance, but commitment will guide the way.

I remember at one point in my life, this was right after the tragedy of 9/11,  I was painfully faced with all the ways that I was not living love in my life.

I have been so blessed in my life. I was born in Norway, the very peak of luxury on this planet when it comes to safety and affluence. I have  been studying with the best spiritual teachers, learning so many methods of awakening,  techniques to really live and experience  a more peaceful and compassionate dimension of myself.

But here I was, in this time of global urgency, taking an honest look at my relationships at the time, and what I saw was power struggles. I saw WARFARE! If I was honest with myself, I saw that I was part of the problem, not the solution. It was not nice,  it was painful.

I remember shortly afterwards I went to a mentor of mine, ShantiMayi, and I sat right in front of her and I said to her, I am committed to no longer separate my spiritual life and my day to day living. I spoke this commitment out loud, with her as a witness, and I can tell you that nothing ever again has been the same.


Commitment is the most powerful teacher I have ever met.

My deepest commitment is to find ways to embody the love that I am and to support other women to do the same.

Everything I do arises out of this commitment.

An alive relationship to your commitments makes decision making simple.
When you  allow life to unfold out of this place of commitment in you,  you can ask yourself when there is a decision to be made: is this aligned with my commitment or not. Is this serving my heart’s deepest calling or not? Now things become clear.

Would you like  to do a little practice right now?

Speak out loud whatever you are aware of that you are committed to.

Write it down in the comment section here,  knowing that a global circle of awakening women will receive it.

Feel the strength of this web of women sharing the intention of awakening.

Offer your commitment to this circle as your witness. And if you don’t have any words to put to your commitment you can simply say, I’m ready or whatever words that feel right to you.

So I’m going to sign off now, and leave the page to you.

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