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Chakras 101: Svadihistana, The Sacral Chakra

by Silvia Mordini: The sacral chakra is the center of creativity, sexuality, “sweetness,” and general feeling. Get to know this important energy center of your body below…


The chakras are the seven main energy centers in the body where we receive, absorb and distribute life energies. They are located along the spine, starting at the base and running upwards to the crown of the head. The chakras are described as “whirling wheels of light” and each chakra radiates a specific color and energy. Each chakra relates to specific spiritual, emotional, psychological and physical issues. Balancing these energy centers leads to our well-being.

These seven chakras can become blocked through external situations and internal habits such as long-held tension in the body or staying stuck in our thoughts about things past or constant worry about the future. As a result, a chakra can become either deficient or excessive.  Therefore this chakra is imbalanced. Practicing mantras that correspond to each chakra can release these blocks and clear the path to more joyful living. Love yourself, love your day, love your life!

Svadihistana, The Sacral Chakra

About Sacral Chakra:

When this chakra is functioning properly, you feel calm, peaceful and do not have any unbalanced emotions. You are creative and happy with yourself.

The second chakra influences connectedness and balance in our relationships, as well as our ability to be nurturing towards others. This impacts how we give energy to others as well as maintain energy for ourselves so we don’t become deficient and give too much away. It affects our ability to experience others physically, emotionally, and energetically. When healthy we have strong charisma, confidence, and feel interpersonal empowerment. We have conscious boundaries in all ways so we don’t lose ourselves in relationships.

“The biggest disease today is not leprosy or tuberculosis, but rather the feeling of being unwanted, uncared for and deserted by everybody.” — Mother Theresa

Location: The second chakra, Svadhisthana (sweetness), is located at the lower abdomen (between belly button and pubic bone), two inches above the pelvic floor, low belly just above pubic bone.

Intention: Individuation

Your Rights: Your Right to Feel

Self-Work: Self-gratification

Identity: Emotional identity

Affirmation: I am me.

Mantra: May I be at home and at ease in my body, and find balance in my relationships between myself and others.

Color: Orange

Element: Water

Sense: Taste

Healing Stones: Carnelian, coral, orange jasper, orange jade

Movement: Moving fluidly, circular like water, feeling sensuous with movements, noticing sensation

Basic Issues: Creation, relationship, play, pleasure, sexuality

Characteristics When Out of Balance: Guilt, inhibition, repressed sexual energy,excessive sexual, emotions, intuition, preoccupation, infertility, poor boundaries, obsessive attachments, addictions to alcohol, sex, heroin

Excessive: Pleasure addiction, excessive strong emotions (bipolar), oversensitive, emotional dependency, obsessive attachment

Deficient: Frigid, mental rigidity, denial of pleasure, poor social skills, lack of passion, excessive boundaries

Second Chakra Mantras:

  • I deserve pleasure in my life.
  • May I find balance in my relationships between myself and others.
  • I absorb information from my feelings.
  • I embrace and celebrate my sexuality.
  • My sexuality is sacred.
  • I move easily and effortlessly.
  • Life is pleasurable.

“I celebrate myself, and what I assume you shall assume, for every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you.” — Walt Whitman

Source: AWAKEN


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