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A Prayer Of Peace And Gratitude By Yogi Bhajan

by Yogi Bhajan: Oh God of all Gods, Oh merciful God, Oh the one God, Lord of all Lords, Oh Infinite, Oh formless in every form, Oh being in every being, Oh supreme being,


You gave us the hand of protection. You gave us the power to teach and learn. You gave us the power to live and love. You gave us the power to be peaceful on this Mother Earth in the lap of the beauty of nature. Thank you very much for everything.

Prevail and give peace to every heart, happiness to every heart, and bliss to every mind. Give them the greatest virtue: to meditate on you, and praise you with song and being. Give them the greatest ecstasy, the virtue of Naam, the Holy Naam, Sat Nam. Lead their lives on the path of righteousness unto the Infinity of your righteousness. Save them from those dark pits.

May you lay the hand of protection around them. Out of your mercy and grace let your light prevail, let peace be unto every heart, let selfishness go and selflessness come. Merciful God, Oh great Guru, who led us to that light, we bow to thee in reverence, in attitude of gratitude for the beauty and bounty, for all this beautiful vibration.

You gave us the opportunity to meditate on thee, Oh Lord, God of all Gods. The privilege you gave us—sometimes we are very negative, sometimes we go ugly, sometimes we are afraid, sometimes we are sick, sometimes we do not trust, many times we do not know what we are doing—but out of your kindness you made it possible for us to praise you. Through all the stress, you gave us the power to pray for peace for the whole world. You gave us this beautiful chance and opportunity. Oh Lord, thank you very much, very kind of you, very good of you.

Thank you for assuring you are with us. Thank you for assuring you are in us. Thank you for assuring you are us. Grant us the boon of love, health and happiness so that we can shine in the radiance of your praise. Keep us positive, keep us happy, keep us selfless so that we can serve you all over the world as long as we live on this planet. May this day be one with everyone to find the one within and without, and may your joy prevail all around us forever unto Infinity.

Sat Nam,

Yogi Bhajan

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