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6 Philosophical Principles By Alan Watts That Will Change The Way You See Life

Philosophy is a way of thinking about life, the world, the universe and society…


In other words, it is a gateway to the big picture which has all the solutions to your problems. Plato, Aristotle, Socrates were all deep thinkers, philosophers of their time but whatever they had philosophised then, shall echo till eternity. Here are some of the best speeches delivered on different aspects of life by the famous British philosopher, writer and interpreter of his time, Alan Watts.

You do not know where your decisions come from as they pop up like hiccups. And when you make a decision, people have a great deal of anxiety about them. Did I think this through? Did I take enough data into consideration? And if you do think it through, you find you that you could never take enough data into consideration. The data needed to make the right decision in any given situation is infinite. So what do you do? Check out the video above to learn how you can make a decision.

2. The Mind: The Jumping Monkey

What is a mind in the grip of a vicious circle? The doctor tells you to have to have an operation. So, everybody worries about it. But, worrying takes away your appetite and your sleep, it’s not good for you. But you can’t stop worrying and then you additionally get more worried that you are worrying. And, then furthermore, because that is quite absurd and you are mad at yourself because you do it. You are worried because you are worried because you are worried. That is a vicious circle. Check out the short video above to learn to how to quiet your mind.

3. From Schools To a 9 To 5 Slave System: A System Of Illusionary Design

We have a system of schooling which starts with grades and we are always preparing for something that is going to happen. So, you go into nursery school as a preparation for kindergarten, you go to kindergarten to prepare for the first grade and then when you are done with that, you go to high school and then maybe you’ll go to college. And, when you go to college and didn’t get enough you can try graduate school. Down the line, you are a vice president and one day it suddenly dawns on you that you have arrived, with a sudden sense of having been cheated. Watch this eye-opening video on how you can get out of this system of illusion.

4. Is Blaming A Solution?

You can always turn around and blame it on someone. Maybe lay it on your father and mother, or it was some bad rubber goods and as a result of this, here you are and you did not ask to be here. You can blame the government, the cheaters and say, I did not ask for it, take it away. But did that help? So, what are you going to do about it? Check out the video above to learn more.

5. How To Manage Things

The Upanishads say, if you think you understand the Brahmin, you do not understand and have yet to be instructed further and if you know you do not understand then you truly understand, for a Brahmin is unknown to those who know it and known to those who know it not. Check out the video to completely understand this principle that guides your life.

6. The Idea Of God

“The whole nature of the Godhead, according to this idea, is to play he is not.”, says Alan Watts. No religious bullshit. Watch this video to know who you are and your oneness with everyone and everything around you.

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