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5 Great Spiritual Questions I’ve Answered Onstage

by Gabby Bernstein: One of the reasons I became a motivational speaker was to gather a community of people together in like-minded conversation…


All I wanted were spiritual friends to explore ideas and practices with!

I Love Connecting With Spirit Junkies

Early in my career, when I was coaching clients and transitioning away from my PR job, I’d give talks just about anywhere I could. My first talk was called “How to Make Money in Your Gym Clothes,” which I led at the Learning Annex. All I needed was a space, some chairs and a microphone so I could share my stories and lessons.

As time went on, my audiences grew and my venues grew, too. I started speaking in theaters around the world, with hundreds and thousands of people in the audience, and many more often joining on livestream.

I receive so many beautiful spiritual questions

Gabby Bernstein on a book tour | Spiritual questionsWhether the venue is a community center or a huge cathedral, my mission is the same. And I am always, always moved and uplifted by the connections we create when we gather together, both in-person and online. That’s why one of my favorite parts of every talk I give or workshop I teach is the Q&A.

I’ve had some of my most profound teaching experiences during Q&A sessions thanks to the honest, vulnerable questions folks have asked.

I’m about to kick off my book tour for Super Attractor, and in honor of that I decided to dedicate this post to 5 awesome spiritual questions people have asked me during my live events. I hope my answers help answer some of your own personal and spiritual questions, too.

1. How Can I Find My Voice And Be Strong?

During my book tour for The Universe Has Your Back in 2016, a woman came up to the mic and said her friend had brought her along to the launch.

She said:

“I’m a singer and I know I have a gift, and I just wanted to say this on the microphone — because I really have a hard time loving myself. So I just wanted to make myself say that, because it’s hard for me to listen to myself and be strong. I let others influence how I feel and how I view the world. I don’t want to waste any more time. So I just want to know, what’s the best way to move forward?”

My answer: Let’s talk about confidence


My Fearless Freedom Lights Up the World | Gabby Bernstein | The universe has your back card deckI asked her, “When you’re performing, do you ever have those moments where you feel like you’re not in your body anymore and something is moving through you?”

She said, “Yeah, it feels right. It feels like the best thing that I know how to do.”

If you want to own your confidence, and lower the volume on the voices around you, do more of what gives you that feeling!

When we do what brings us joy, the Universe clears the path. Joy is the highest calibration of energy there is. It’s magnetic. It’s our power. And it aligns us fully and completely with source.

Being in the experience of joy will clear all doubt and release all resistors.

Make the choice today, right now, to do more of what brings you joy — whatever feels meaningful and good to you. The more you allow yourself to be in that experience, the more confident you’ll be.

2. What To Do When You Feel Scared Or Overwhelmed By Spiritual Guidance

At my book launch for Miracles Now, one woman came up to the mic and told me she received signs all the time, whether numbers in sequence or other meaningful symbols. She said, “It’s overwhelming sometimes. How do you handle it?”

Receiving spiritual guidance of any kind can be startling when you’re new to it. It can shock you sometimes even when you’ve been receiving it for years, because sometimes it’s so clear or happens so fast that you’re taken aback.

My answer: Be grateful for the guidance

The first thing I said to this Spirit Junkie was, “It sounds like you’re almost scared of the signs you’re getting. Are you scared of it?”

She paused. “…Yes.”

Here’s the rest of my answer. Be sure to watch till the end, because I share an AMAZING story about two Spirit Junkies. It’ll show you what miracles await you when you stay open to guidance.


When we start to wake up to the presence that surrounds us and is always supporting us, our ego freaks out. Our ego says “Noooo! That’s weird!”

When I see signs, I always say, “Thank you angels.” These messages are for us to use. So if you ever feel startled or overwhelmed by signs you’re getting, start saying “thank you” when you see them. This will reorganize your energy around receiving signs. You’ll relax more and start feeling grateful for the guidance you’re receiving.

3. What If You’re Growing Spiritually But Your Partner Isn’t?

At my Judgment Detox book tour stop in L.A., a woman stood up and said that thanks to her spiritual practice, such as going through A Course in Miracles, she’s overcome her anger toward her husband for some past actions. “We’ve had crazy times recently,” she told me.

She said, “I love him. I see his light. He’s beautiful. But… how do I return the light to our relationship?”

My answer: Be the light.

As you raise your vibration, you may no longer resonate as well with people who are at a lower vibration. This doesn’t mean you’re better than them. It just means you’ve woken up a little faster.


Don’t make your spiritual practice another reason to judge. Let people be who they are and honor their path.

Trust that everyone is on their own spiritual path and their own timeline. Your loved ones may not ever share your beliefs, but that doesn’t matter. Stay committed to your faith and the Universe will take care of the rest.

While you can share your light, be mindful not to push your beliefs. As I say in Super Attractor, if you try to force positivity onto someone you’ll feel drained. The best thing you can do for them is to feel good. When you feel good, you elevate the energy around you, and others pick up on it.


Pay attention to how you feel around certain people and do your part to be conscious of your own energy. You don’t have to shun or judge people for having low vibes. Instead, choose to create clear boundaries, ask to change the subject of a conversation, or even politely remove yourself from a situation that’s lowering your vibrational stance.

4. Am I Hearing The Truth In My Meditation, Or Is It Ego?

Another woman at my Judgment Detox book tour stop in L.A. got up and told me how she’s been meditating daily to connect with her inner guide, but she said:

“I think I’m the world’s worst meditator. Every time I meditate, I’ll ask, ‘What do you want me to know?’ And then I’ll sit in meditation and I don’t know if what I’m hearing is even the truth. It’s made me realize, I can’t even discern my own voice. How do I know, when I go in meditation, that it’s my inner guide or my ego? I don’t know how to tell the difference.”

My answer: Make a spiritual adjustment

This Spirit Junkie was going into her meditation practice saying, “What do you want me to know?” But she was eager to hear an answer, and her eagerness was potentially creating some resistance because she wanted and expected a specific experience. So instead, I asked her to look at meditation as a way to raise her vibration.


This practice is very simple. Sit for 10 or 20 minutes each morning (and again in the afternoon if you like). Close your eyes and silently repeat the mantra “Sat Nam” in a natural rhythm with a natural breath pattern.

Sat Nam means “truth identified,” but the meaning of the mantra isn’t actually what’s important. The mantra is a tool for helping you get into vibrational alignment. It gives you a single, pointed focus. When your mind wanders or you lose the mantra, just gently come back to it.

Following your mantra meditation, sit with your eyes closed for 2 minutes, no longer repeating your mantra. This helps you get grounded so that you can return your daily life.

5. How Do I Transition My Career To Something Totally Different?

A very chic woman came up to the microphone at my Super Attractor workshop in late 2017 and said, “I’m at a career crossroads. I’m a fashion designer, which I’ve wanted to be since I was a teenager. I’ve had a lot of success and launched my own line… but it’s not fun anymore.”

She went on to say, “The things that bring me joy throughout the day are talking with my coworkers, introducing them to your work, showing them EFT and sending them meditations. I know you transitioned from PR to spirituality. How did you do it? Because this feels exciting, but scary as well.”

My answer: Start now

Spirit Junkie Masterclass training especially, but it comes up everywhere. Here was my advice to this Spirit Junkie…

She wanted to teach spiritual principles, so I told her: Start now. Start teaching the people you work with, like you’re doing. Start being the light wherever you are. Continue to have so much fun along the way, even if you’re not there yet. The joy you’re having in bringing these principles to life will clearly guide you towards what it will look like in your career.


When we’re really passionate about a new venture, we want to rush right into it. When we do this, we can push ourselves too far, too fast. Instead, honor the transition.

Choose to see your day job as your personal venture capitalist, funding your dream. And start taking action on your dream in ways that feel good and doable.

Source: AWAKEN


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