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Guru Singh: What On Earth Are You Doing For Heaven’s Sake?

by Guru Singh:  Think of these two common phrases: “What on Earth are you doing?” and another one, “Oh, for heaven’s sake.” 



Put them together and it spells out what’s truly needed in the world today:  “What on Earth are you doing for heaven’s sake?” What are you doing today for tomorrow . . . what are you leaving for the children of your children’s children . . . what is your forever plan? This is about destiny; about posterity; about the opportunities to contribute, to serve, to make a difference.

When you use your pure intentions over your senses — it does not pave the road to hell, but creates roads beyond your limits — ones that are unlimited. You begin operating on this Earth for heaven’s sake, where your life-skills fulfill their purpose; where your purpose is driven by passions; where your passion serves all living creatures and finds its greatest reward in doing so. One of the oddest and oldest predictions of quantum physics is that an atom can’t change while you’re watching it . . . this has now been confirmed in an experiment at Cornell University’s Department of Physics.

This explains why so many people lose hope while focusing on their problems . . . nothing can radically change under such a microscope. It’s your time to overcome another flat Earth — what to do, for there are so many flat Earth’s to be overcome? When you begin overcoming these limited perspectives you are resonating with the ever-expanding forces of both the atom and the universe. With this state of resonance you produce revelations . . . revelations that design new motivations; motivate new planning; plan new worlds . . . worlds where greater purpose is not more work, but produces effortless effort.

Our prayer is that you discontinue focusing on that which you need; on that which you want; on that which you think you need to want. Focus instead on the breath of your life, and how it creates the time of your life, one breath at a time. Find great joy in enjoying the joy of this person in you that breathes for your living with such effortless effort . . . focus wholeheartedly on the incredible world worth sharing with your children’s children . . . a heaven on Earth . . . for heaven’s sake.

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