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Guru Singh Quietness Allows for Intuitive Imagination to Bloom

by Guru Singh:  Life dwells in an entangled ennvironment — a web without a weaver


— intertwined and woven throughout this entire fabric of universes, megaverses, multiverses, wormholes, whiteholes and blackholes building and holding the cosmos together. And yet you are not this experience — it’s all an illusion called maya — it’s not you — and not your intuitive reality.

Each moment’s value is a place for you to be what you imagine, climb your mountains and make them sing — or live in doubts that hold you to an imaginary lower limit. Einstein knew this vast environment and said, “today’s imagination is tomorrow’s reality.” To access your highest imagination, your highest intuitive reality, you must reduce the emotional noise, for emotional noise supports the illusion with its stories. Quietness allows for intuitive imagination to bloom.

Everyone on Earth has a distinct emotional signature; each one has a series of default attitudes, emotions and feelings; some have a rapid fuse, and react instantly, while others have a longer fuse and respond slowly. One style is not good or bad — or better or worse, and no matter what variation of this you have and live with, it’s up to you to learn how to set it aside, turn it down, and even off without repression. When wanting to access your true intuitive reality this is essential, and you have the capacity to dive into your core and discipline your emotional structure. One way to begin this is called ‘forced-nostril’ breathing.

When you are stuck in a rut and need energy to free yourself; plug up the left nostril gently with your hand and breathe long, deep and rhythmically through the right — when you are scattered and need focus, plug up the right nostril and breathe long, deep and rhythmically through the left. The left nostril cools and calms, while the right heats and energizes. You’ve been given your emotional signature in this life as a tool to accomplish your destiny and grow beyond your limits. Our prayer is that you take the time to discipline and work with your emotional signature as a tool; dive through the illusions and into your intuitive imagination; use this as a base to build your future and embrace your future now.

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