by Fu-Ding Cheng:  End of a cycle.  With December 22, 2012 coming right up, I’m often asked what’s so special about this auspicious date. “A great opportunity,“ I reply, because anyone who has seriously looked into the Mayan culture even a little bit knows that in spite of the popular media declaring the “end of the world,” the calendar is a cycle. There is no end; when one phase ends, the next begins.

The real question, then, is “What are the characteristics of this new cycle? And how can it help me? Can it help me find a job, or fulfillment with loved ones, or gain inner peace? The answer is an unequivocal Yes. In shamanic tradition, this date is the beginning of the “Sixth Sun,”––the quality of light from the sun is changing, which influences everything on this planet including the birth of a new kind of homo sapien, the “Sixth Humanity.”

BLOG – Fu-Ding Cheng End of a cycle.

Some primary characteristics are relationships that are heart-centered rather than ego-driven; inclusion of the divine feminine in all we do, and respecting the holistic interaction of all of life, including Mother Earth.

Perhaps you find yourself in a Holiday family gathering that has often proven problematical. Instead of meeting your obligation and fleeing as fast as you can, you might ask, “This year, how can I be of service? With the world in such turmoil, how can I remind everyone of all our blessings?” This heart-centered intent will affect everyone whether they know how to express their appreciation or not; you’re detached.

As I’m writing this, I find myself asking, “What about me; am I practicing what I preach?” One of the biggest passions in my life is to make art, films and books––artistic creativity feeds my soul. But an even bigger passion is to turn people on to things that allowed me to wake up!

It all started with my tumultuous childhood––beatings, foster homes, scheming relatives––that instilled in me such despair that in college, I was afraid I’d die before my time. Thankfully, I discovered the spiritual path, which led me to journeys East (meditation in the Himalayas, Chinese Kung-Fu), and journeys West (spiritual-psychology, Meso-American shamanic practice). In 1995, with teacher/shaman, don Miguel Ruiz (The Four Agreements), I “jumped to the sun” and woke up! In spite of the burdens from the past, because of the burdens from the past, I’m free!

BLOGGER – Fu-Ding Cheng

Since then, through artwork and seminars, I’ve been inspired to distill the deepest wisdoms of East and West into practical pathways to personal freedom for as wide a number of people as possible…and live what is taught. One result: this Blog (a first for me) dedicated to being of service by providing a forum for spiritual/shamanic tools for self-transformation. Another result is a forthcoming eBook, Map of Desire, a blueprint for self-fulfillment with practical exercises. (These exercises will be shared for free as situations evolve.)

A parting suggestion: spend part of the last day of the cycle this Friday on 12.21.12 contemplating what you would like to bring into your life and what you’re ready to let go of in your life. Write down your observations. Offer it up to Spirit through meditation and rituals. Celebrate the moment. Specific instructions will be forthcoming in this space.



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