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Dolores Cannon’s Quantum Healing Hypnosis

Dolores Cannon‘s  body of work rests on the knowledge that our minds are capable of anything.Dolores Cannon-awakenShe says that most people do not recognize how much power they have access to, as they are constantly working within the limitations placed upon them, by themselves or by others.  Yet, Dolores believes that people are capable of great creation and healing, simply through the process of removing these limitations and believing in our own personal power.  It is now time to reclaim these healing abilities that were commonplace in past generations, so that people can adapt and respond to the dramatic changes being experienced in the world, so that we can then move towards the creation of a New Earth.

Dolores’ therapeutic Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique uses the subconscious mind to heal the client.  Dolores accesses the client’s subconscious mind by bringing about a somnambulistic trance state (the deepest possible level of trance that can be attained through hypnosis), thereby enabling her to gain the most efficient release of information from the client.  Dolores will then communicate with the patient to determine the cause of illness or disease.  This technique allows, in many cases, for instantaneous self-healing of physical, mental and emotional conditions and Dolores has been fortunate to witness healing miracles.

While Dolores refers to working with the subconscious mind, she recognizes that she is communicating with a person’s higher self, the higher consciousness or the Over-soul.  It is this part that has all the answers, the information and the healing that can be given if it is appropriate.  However, this part of us answers to the name of ‘subconscious’ and when it is communicating, it will refer to itself as ‘we’ instead of a single entity.  Dolores believes that this reference to ‘we’ indicates that we are all part of a much larger structure and that no one is alone – in fact, each part depends on the other parts to survive and we can not exist alone.

Dolores has published three books by Dr O T Bonnett, where he explains how it is very important to talk to the cells in our body to get their cooperation when we want something healed.  When we are able to get their attention and ask them to help us, we are the voice of God and the cells start to pay attention.  This is what Quantum Healing Hypnosis is all about – getting our cells to pay attention!

In the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Practitioner courses, students will learn the techniques that Dolores has developed through almost thirty years of working in past-life regression therapy, contacting the subconscious to facilitate healing and closure.  Though, there are many things about the Cannon Technique that are different from normal hypnosis courses and these differences are a result of the things she has discovered through working with thousands of people.  Students will learn shortcuts in the induction process and how to achieve a somnambulistic trance state quickly and easily, so as to shut off the conscious mind’s interference and work directly with the subconscious.  Students will also learn how to obtain necessary answers through past-life regression and how to contact the subconscious directly in order to get the full benefit of the therapy.  The past-life regression is only the first step and Dolores will demonstrate how to bring together various techniques to help subjects with their present day problems.  Dolores has found a way to obtain instantaneous relief for illness, disease, phobias, allergies and personal relationship problems.  This can be done is only one session and the results are often phenomenal.

The training courses are beneficial for qualified, practising hypnotherapists, practitioners working with imagery and visualization, psychologists, counsellors and other complementary therapists who have a passion for this type of work.

Written by Patricia Hamilton

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