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Embodying The Spirit of Mother Earth’ – Guru Singh

by Guru Singh: As we’ve all seen in the news here lately, some of the world’s recent billionaires are designing industries to colonize other planets in the nearby space


. . . a simple example of the ‘industrial-human’s’ habit of stripping an area of resources, shedding the responsibility of replenishing it, and then moving on to the next target. Indigenous people, the more intune and aware ones, never go down this road.


THE RESPONSIBILITY THAT’S HANGING ON BY A THREAD HERE IS WHAT’S COMMONLY REFERRED TO AS, “HONORING THE MOTHER AND THE FATHER.” This ultimately means honoring the ‘Mother Earth’ (everything that comes from her) and the ‘Father Time’ (the gift of your experience). The Earth is the substance that ‘Spirit’ occupies, and when ‘Time’ is introduced, it’s able to spend it in the experience of life.

The lofty ideas of an interplanetary transport system for humans to colonize the Moon, Mars and beyond, is an extension of a collective “everything is disposable” attitude. It arises at the very moment any creature has nearly destroyed its own habitat, and then isn’t willing to change, or clean up its mess.

Mother Earth 3 -awaken

This is currently prevailing amongst those people unable to comprehend the value of sustainability, restorability and responsibility. When your habits have destroyed your home, to go out in search of another one — without changing your habits — will ultimately destroy that new home as well and the lesson of life is never learned.

The Earth’s atmosphere is completely tuned to the needs of all life — to travel and attempt to occupy an atmosphere that’s foreign and unnatural to life is not where consciousness is leading you, it’s how unconsciousness is fooling you.

Disposable is unnatural. Life is to be lived sustainably and responsibly. This means cherishing ‘Mother Earth’ and all of her physical elements. It means embracing ‘Father Time’ — that which allows us to spend life in joy. Better to spend the billions of industrial capital on reforestation, restoration, researching new energies, reconditioning and renewing the already devastated resources. Rather than wasting fuel to fly through space, learn from your soul and remain in this place and clean up your space.

It’s time to learn these lessons; to alter these bad ‘industrial-human’ habits, and not duplicate the irresponsibility elsewhere in space. The old saying, “Wherever you go, there you are,” holds particularly true when you’ve destroyed your home environment . . . the next one will not somehow be magically preserved. 
Our prayer is that you come back to Earth and allow Time to be a friend, not an enemy; that you become the child of Earth and Time and give back to both . . . honor the Mother and the Father, honorably.
Be very well!
Guru Singh & Guru Perkarma Kuar

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